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  1. hey guys just wondering how long it usually takes your seeds to germinate on average doing the wet paper towel method? I’ve always had a 100% success rate and usually sprout out of the seed after just over 24 hours
    I bought some blueberry auto seeds and germinating 2 so far, one sprouted out of the seed after 24 hours again but the other still hasn’t budged and it’s been around 3 days now
    Hoping she’s pops out but would like to hear how long you guys usually wait
  2. Did you soak it in water first and make sure it sinks , I always soak crack paper towel for 2 days

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  3. ive had beans take 4-10 days to germ and some in 24 hours i dont bother with paper towel anymore
  4. I soak them till they crack then put them in paper towel on top of heating pad till they have a tail.
  5. I’ve always just put them straight in between damp paper towel and they’ve cracked and had a tail within a day or 2!
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  6. Rapid Rooters are great for germination.
    Ram the seed into the RR hole about 1/8-1/4 inch deep, cover with RR crumbles, keep moist, and get sprouts in 1-4 days.
    I've had recent success immediately putting the RR with seed into its final destination under full lights. The way outdoor growers can do under full sun.

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