Germinating older seeds.

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  1. I had some seeds stashed in some old plastic canisters that I had found while cleaning out my one closet to my surprise since I had completely forgotten about them. I was glad since my few seedlings had died on me (due to a major mistake) from a few seeds that I had acquired from a recent bag. The problem was that these seeds are quite old, ranging from an estimated time frame of seven to twenty five years, all of them mixed together, totaling to about two hundred seeds.
    The seeds were stored in a tightly sealed, but not airlocked plastic vile, and I had another old snuff container withe some seeds in them too. The vile was kept in my one closet in dark and cool conditions. The can was kept in my one drawer.
    I had placed twenty of these seeds from the vile in a folded wet paper towel, and to my surprise it looks like about half of these are trying to break open through the seed, with some white showing. I had first put them into the paper towel about five days ago. It looks like the seeds are painfully gradually opening up, though I don't see roots yet, but the seeds are opening more with each day. I guess what I'm asking here is that is this a good sign, and will they eventually turn into tap roots? It would be cool to get some of these varieties I had smoked from my teen and early adult years to grow into fully grown plants.

  2. I started growing about this time last year. I asked around and finally somebody gave me an envelope with about 60 seeds in it. Their origin and strain was unknown and thought to be a couple years old but not sure. A few of them sprouted, and grew into plants. The ones I had left, I tried different temps and got a few more. I am now flowering the plants I got from the new seeds those first plants grew.
    I say if they opened up, put them in a cup of dirt. And the ones you have left, try a slightly warmer place to keep them and see if you get any more sprouts. I think I would generously give them a month to prove themselves before I threw any away.
  3. They died, and I'm not going to bother with having any hope for the older seeds. Several of the seeds actually sprouted but they never really did anything beyond that point. I'm not really a fan of ordering seeds online since there are too many things that make me nervous about it. However, I had invested a bit of money to purchase some grow equipment, and it's very difficult to attain weed where I live (without paying an arm and a leg for it) so I was considering it. AAARRRGGG!!!

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