Germinating in Soil or Napkin?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Arvark, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Should I use the napkin method or should I put the seed in moist soil? Which one is safer?
  2. I think peat pellets is safest I been having 100% without having to pay no attention to um. Jus spray with water when they get a little light brown

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  3. I just kept em submerged in water and that worked every time for me.
  4. Soil seems "safer" to me. Put it like 1/4" down and very lightly cover it. I always go directly into soil and I've never had it take longer than 3 days to pop out.
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  5. So you didn't even put it into the water and waited for it to go down? You just popped the seed out of the blister and put it into soil?
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    I can't think of a reason in the world to do it any other way. I water it as if there were a plant in it then I just make a little space for the seed then lightly cover it with soil. I come back 3 days later and I have a little plant. I always start in a solo cup and transplant out of that. This is a 10 day old plant right before transplant.
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  7. Indica? :p I don't really like the idea of transplanting tho.
  8. Transplanting is very easy. You just full the pot around a solo cup so when you pull the cup out you are left with a hole the exact size of the plant you are about to drop in. All you have to do is turn the cup upside down and it will plop right out in one cup shaped piece. Does that make sense? That's a master kush btw.
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  9. So I'm afraid I put the soil in too deep, what do I do?
  10. How deep do you think you put it?
  11. Something like 3-4 times the seed. If it doesn't germinate, I've got to buy a new seed right?
  12. You worry too much.
  13. Yeah I know, it's the first time. :p Thanks for reassuring me
  14. I put the seed right where it is going to grow. Then when the seed sprouts it acclimated to it's location.

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