Germinating different for hydro?

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  1. Is germinating different for hydro? I know that for soil, most people put their seeds in moist paper towels and wait till they pop, then they are put into the soil, root-y thing down.

    for hydro is it different? Should I still germinate with paper towels before I place the seed in the rockwool? should I start the seed only with distilled water? Should I keep that water at a 5.5ph? I have had three seeds in rockwool for about 4 days now, and none have popped out from under the surface. One of them, I germinated a bit in a paper towel before placing inthe rockwool, but the other two I just put into the rockwool and hoped for the best. They are sitting under a 400w hps light but covered with a tuperware top, not sealed, so it is shady and not too bright. That way they get some warmth too.

    Am i doing something wrong? Is there a special wayto germinate when using hydro?
  2. Pop the seeds in a paper towel and then put them in the rockwool root-y thing down. Make sure the rockwool is warm and wet. Dry rockwoll is like putting the seed in a brillo pad. not wise. Sink water has always worked fine for me. Don't use any nutrients for the first couple of weeks. Don't put the rockwool in the system until the roots emerge from the bottom. check out the tut in my sig, there's a little bit on seed sprouting at the end.

    also, 4 day's isn't that long. i'd wait about 10 before you declare yourself out of luck.
  3. Yea I've had seeds take almost two weeks and then randomly sprout up. Just wait. One reason I prefer clones over seeds any and every day. Only thing is you gotta have a plant to take them from ;)
  4. yeah....well im a bit disheartened. Its been a week and one day and still nothing has sprouted.... :(

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