Germinating and paper towel dried up overnight

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  1. Starting up my 6th grow and due to winter weather conditions here where I live and the fact that it gets down to 62degrees F during the day in my house, I placed my 10 CKS Dark Angel seeds in a doubled over paper towel on a plate. Folded it in half like I always do. Put in a cooler w the lid cracked open about an inch. It's on its side in the dark. I use a hydro farm heat mat to get the temp right. It's consistently 78-81 F. Last night the wife had her fan on and it was pointing towards the cooler. The paper Towels dried out on the top completely and the bottom was barely damp. I was only asleep 7 hours and had wet them before bed. 7 seeds had cracked and started to show taproot.(they've been on the towels for 48hrs as of this morning) Looks like they've partially started to close back up. I got water on the towels right away and threw them back on the mat. Is there any chance they survive? If so what do I do? Please help. It's so hard to get good seeds here. three packages in a row from AMS have been "lost" in customs. Finally got these from CKS but Now I'm worried. They haven't turned brown, I can still see white taproot on three but the rest closed back up. Are any of these salvageable or am I wasting my time?
  2. 1. Possibly.
    2. Switch to peat pods.

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  3. Is that advise for the next time around or do you think I can switch them to peat pods now?
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    Plant them as soon as possible and quit using the paper towels to germinate and plant your seeds directly into planting media. There is no reason to start your seeds in a chemical laced paper towel. The more you handle germinated seeds, the bigger chance of transferring disease to the new seedling. There is no one in the professional horticulture business that would use paper towels for germination.

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  5. What has never failed me... make a cup of your favorite tea, save the tea bag and put it in 2 cups of room temperature water. drop your seeds in that, leave them in there for 12 hours, plant them in solo cups(s) using your grow medium. Slowly pour 1/3 cup of that tea water over them, cover with saran wrap / plastic wrap, place under a small fl / cfl until they pop, remove saran wrap / plastic wrap, then watch them grow.
  6. I wouldn't try pods now. Eiither keep in towels or move to dirt.

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  7. I partially agree with Fataqui in that I always do a 12 hr soak now to soften the shell. Doubled my germ rate and cut the bust time by a third.

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    If they have started to shrivel up, I wouldn't be too confident but they are tough little buggers when it comes to drought so you may be lucky enough. Next time put them in a grip seal bag. That way you know they can't run out of water

    This is how I germinate my seeds GoldGrowers Gaff and I get 100% success rates all the time, and usually have a tap root of a couple of inches within 48 hours
  9. Get em outta of paper towel and into medium of choice like now

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