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germinating 10 new seeds

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by charlie067, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. hey just wondering can i start my srouts in clean coffe cups and if so how long till i gotta trancplant them?and im going to start them off with 120watts of flo's the flo's should be able to keep them alive for a while befor 12/12 eh?i want to put them on 12/12 soon as posable so i can sex them and kill the males and put a few females out side and have a few inside im not going 12/12 under the flo's im useing the hps
    i want to know the very very earliest i can go 12/12 i dont care if the plants r tall i just want short bushy plants like the ones i have now
    if someone can awnser these question it would be grat thx
  2. I would suggest putting them in something with holes in the bottom to avoid root rot. I would let them get 4-6 weeks old or a ft. tall before flowering.
  3. why not just use the HPS all the way??......Peace out.....Sid
  4. see i have 2 female plants under the hps right now on 12/12 lighting if i put my 10 sprouts under the flo's for while i think i could have them under the hps on 12/12 by the time i harvest my other 2 plants or is it posable for me to just start them under 12/12 lighting?and if so how would i go about endusing flowering?
  5. you can't start them under the 12/12, you'll have to grow them with the fluros first.....how long have the other plants been on 12/12?.....and what strain are the ones in flowering?....Peace out....Sid
  6. they been in 12/12 for abnout a week and a half now and showing white hairs the hps has only been on them for 3 days tho but not sure of the strain i know my next 5 out of ten are columbian gold and the other 5 not sure of strain but im just going to 18/6 under the flo's i dont have fan to use for there stalks so if i could get some tips on ways to streanthen there stolks that would be kool.see my fan is in with the girls and i want them to have strong stalk if i bend the baby stalks back and forth till i can put them in 12/12 with a fan will it make then stronger so that they will hold some buds
  7. just wobble them a bit a few times a day or blow on them so they shake if ther really small. dont tug on the leaves or grab the stem and skake a small plant, that will diturb the roots and shock the plant which will slow them down.

    if u do manage to find a bit of spare cash then think about getting a small fan 4 them. allways handy to have!
  8. Keep the fluoros nice and close and do Barnaby's bendy thing, they should be fine.

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