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  1. Whats the best way to germanate?
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    Which ever way you find best after experimenting yourself, Check out the sticky 420 Germination
  3. Fold a paper towel in half, soak it. Put seeds in the middle. Put towel in plastic container. Cover it put in a dark spot. Check back in 24 hours or so.
  4. Soak a paper towel, put seeds on it, soak another one, put it on top, put it inside a ziploc bag, exhale yo dirty stanky ass breath in it, close it where the "stank breath" is still inside the bad, place in a dark area, check in 12-24hrs! There ya go!

    This has always worked for me!
  5. Lol just did that, when should i put it in the soil with the light?
  6. What others said and also keep it warm.
  7. warm is key...set it ontop your water heater..check after 24 hour and every 12 after...papertowels should be real moist but not soaked..when ya get tails...prepair your cups work great...punch a bunch of holes for drainage......fill cup with medium....water well...let stand 15 min.....then poke a small hole/trench about a 1/2 inch deep..dont touch root with seedling in hole tail down if possible..sprinkle dirt over hole ...water now by misting soil not pour water on seedling..warm...about 80 to 85:smoke:good luck and have fun
  8. I prefer my paper towels :) always worked with me..I've tried the water in a shot glas too. I cover the glass in tin foil to keep all light out. I've grown aeroponic, soil, hydro and all worked :)

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