Georgia Vacation

Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. I'm going on a vacation to Georgia and i wanted to know if it's easy to get some weed down there.
  2. ill be going down there this summer (army) so im interested in knowing as well
  3. hell yeah it's easy to get some green down in georgia where are you gonna be staying? ft. benning? ft. stewart? i live in southeastern ga and we get some hella good green around here
  4. well im goin to Clarksville, Georgia and then to Greenville (i think), South Carolina to see my Uncle + Aunt.
  5. im'a be at ft benning....i got sum family in georgia and im hopin to find out where and maybe on my first leave to hang out wit sure one of them smokes so i can prob get a hook up real if u live close enuff then hell yea we should hook up an smoke a few blunts together
  6. it's cool that you two are vacationing in georgia georgia is one hell of a party state i live in a fairly small town about 3 hrs from ft. benning and that's all we do from north georgia to the deep south it's one non-stop party hell yeah dude i dont know how the green is in clarksville but i know for sure it's good in ft. benning well not in ft. benning but you know

  7. Welcome to Columbus Georgia!, I listen to the rock station out of Columbus when the weather is good. 102.9
  8. Columbus, GA!! I go to Columbus State Univ. Strangely, I don't see much bud down here. I always have to go to my home in Woodstock, GA for a sack off dank. It's about 40min north of Atlanta. Good weed all around there.

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