GEORGE LUCAS: The next bond vilain?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokin Jake, May 19, 2002.


Best film franchise ever?

  1. Star wars

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  2. Indiana Jones

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  3. Back to the future

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  4. Bond

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  5. Alien

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  6. Other (tell us what!)

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  1. Ok I take it by now most people interested in star wars will have seen Episode 2 by now, Personally I'm not that much of a fan of the films anyway but watching The film lead me to thinking...

    George lucas would be ideal as a bond vilain!

    Lets look at the evidence...

    1, Brainwashes the world through subliminal messages in movies,

    2, Makes millions from merchandising said films,

    3, Keeps the brainwashing going by implanting small devices into THX home cinema and HI-FI gear

    4, As with No.4 THX certified DVDs and videos contain evil brainwashing influences!

    5, He has an evil lair! (Skywalker ranch)

    6, He has a beard!

    Hey we already had Someone like Rupert Murdoch in tomorrow never dies so why cant this work?

    If thats not enough to get MI6's best man onto the case I dont know what is!

    Episode 2 was OK but if I wanted to watch a computer generated film I would watch Shrek or toy story (the acting and dialogue are a lot better)

    I watched it stoned and cracked up when Yoda fights!
    If anyone who has anything to do with the Bond franchise is reading this, I will be expecting my check when the film is released!
  2. Every Disney Happy Meal at MC Donalds ?

  3. I voted for Bond. Old school Bond movies kick ass.
  4. I agree KronosX !! Bond, James Bond...........nuff said!!

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