George Bush in Bible prophesy? 666

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  1. A 666 MYTHOLOGY
    Is George Bush in Bible prophesy? [part 1]

    Recently during a visit with a fundamentalist bible cult we talked about the
    worlds time-line status in Bible prophesy, I mentioned that the Bible states
    "There will be signs in the heavens" (sky), and related the vast number of
    saucer sightings, also that "There will be signs on earth" ... and related the
    many complex geometrical crop circles.
    The Bible also makes reference to the rebirth of the State of Israel saying "The fig tree will put forth its branch" (Luke 21:29), and also that "One head of the beast came back to life from the dead" … again presumably The State of Israel .. an integral part of the Roman Empire ... referred to in the Bible as "The Beast" … (actually “monster” in original tongue).

    I also mentioned that the word "Wormwood" -(in Rev. 8:11) is "Chernobyl" in Russian … and that a Nuclear Facility could be depicted as a Fallen Star in metaphorical language (parables), being that stars are radioactive bodies as are reactors. Wormwood is an ancient medicinal herb (Artemisia Absinthium) which has been used for thousands of years to kill internal parasites and to make a liquor called Absinth.

    I said that I thought Christ had already returned (Christ
    Consciousness/enlightenment ... being spirit). I suggested that perhaps it is possible that the world is much farther ahead in prophesy (1000 yrs.) than people are willing to accept having been conditioned and pre-programmed by intense institutional doctrine. They say that Anti-Christ must first set up his/her/it's throne in Jerusalem. And the antichrist identity be revealed before Christ appears.

    I pointed out that Revelation speaks of a “new heaven” and a “new earth” ... and a "New JerUSAlem" ...Since it's discovery America has been referred to as “The New World” !
    A land which pursues the exploration of space (the “New Heaven”).

    And doesn't it fit the description of the "Promised Land" at least as well as
    Palestine (America being the worlds #1 producer of Milk ... it is said that the Biblical Promised Land "flows with milk.
    America was the “Land of Promise” ... because it offered religious freedom to so many persecuted groups in Europe ... they came here to "The Promised Land" that's how Caucasians got here.

    So wouldn't then the "New JerUSAlem" be the power center of the New World (Washington DC) ? And wouldn't this New JerUSAlem be the place where the antichrist sets up his/her/it's throne ?

    Cult-member David then asked me "If this is true then what about the bible
    script which says that Christ will come on his white horse with all the armies of heaven and slay the wicked, and every eye will see him"
    I slept on this and thought well, One bible prophesy was fulfilled in the days of the crusades when the Christians took back Jerusalem, Revelation 14:20 says "The blood will run as high as the horses bridal". This event became documented history when forces led by the Knights Templar slaughtered Moslems to an extent which caused their horses to wade through rivers of blood 3 feet deep.
    I am not suggesting that Moslems are evil either, only acknowledging the reality that they and Christians have been adversaries to each other since their origins, battling over control of Jerusalem.
    To Christians Moslems are antichrist to Moslems Christians are the infidels. Actually to historians they are "half-brothers" locked in a sibling rivalry.

    George Bush “THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST” ?
    In the Bible it becomes clear that the "Image of the beast" is "the evil one",
    the "False Prophet" (Pope) and "The Beast" take second lead.
    In Genesis it states that God made his sons in his "image" ... (like father like son). Therefore should we ask ... could the "image" of the beast be someone's son ... made in the image of their father (like father like son)?
    Project Disclosure ( reveals that George Bush senior denied access of Extraterrestrial Info to President Carter when he was director of the CIA. [continued >>>]

    [part 2]
    In Canada a post 9-11 CBC documentary implicated the White House in the execution of the World Trade Center Disaster, it also stated that Prescott Bush financed the Nazis ... and most profound of all … that the Bush family claims to be descended from Jesus Christ. There are books extrapolated from Egyptian scrolls including "Holy Blood Holy Grail" and "The DaVinci Codes" which state that Jesus had offspring through Magdalene. The implication of this is that George Junior claims to be the Son of God on his throne in Washington DC. (The “NEW” Jerusalem.

    Institutional Churches say that Christ will reign on earth for 1000 years, but the Bible says that “1000 years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years”, so attempting to put an absolute interpretation on a story clearly written in metaphorical language is presumptuous to say the least.
    In fact we shouldn't expect the reign of Christ (also called "The Day of the
    Lord) to last more than one day. Also Rev. states that the dead won't
    reincarnate until the 1000 years are finished ... so there will be many people on earth who will be unaware that those thousand years are over and the end has come.

    666 Social Security Number :
    Some say that the New Corporate Government wants to implement the use of micro-chip-implants on the population, but a facsimile is already in use.
    At the corner on Broadway and Wall St. in NY. there was a giant neon street number sign which read "666" (Broadway) ... this was the original home of the Social Security Office of the USA ... now back in the 70's a wise man said to me .... (regarding the prophesy that “everyone had a number in their right hand or in their forehead”) ..... that most people are right-handed, and have their social security card in their right hand, or have the number memorized in their forehead. Now just as prophesized nobody can buy, sell, have a job, get benefits, or pay taxes without this number. ... In Canada this number is appropriately called a "SIN" number (sin meaning evil). 666 Broadway home to the Mark of the beast.

    911 Emergency … Sept 11 2002 :
    9 -11 ("Police/Ambulance/Emergency") .... This attack could have happened on any day but this significant number was chosen for it to happen that day, I believe because it was a cry for help “S.O.S” (Save Our Souls) from a government drowning under the influences of foreign control (especially Arab $$$ control).
    On the night of 9-11 ... I went out to do ritual prayer.... that night (morn. Of Sept 12th) at 3 am Jupiter passed through the crescent moon coming out the mouth of it .... creating the sign of Islam in the sky in British Columbia.
    [continued >>>]

    [part 3]
    Reagan, Bush, and The Pope :
    Now in the 80's when Ronald Wilson Reagan (whose name is 666) was president there was a group of Jesuit Priests who defected from the Vatican and came to L.A. publicly denouncing Reagan and Pope Jean Paul 2nd. as being the antichrist … together Reagan and The Pope worked hard with Margaret Thatcher to bring down the communist rule in Russia, some conspiracy theorists went so far as to say that the Chernobyl Nuclear Facility meltdown in April of 1986 was CIA sabotage, as this was the single most damaging event to the Soviets, being unable to cope with the disaster they had to open their borders to external help.
    That being unproven, there were several other phenomena which began during Reagan's reign, including the advent of the AIDS epidemic. TLC's “Evolution” documentary series revealed that HIV is a “race selective” disease as 11% of all Caucasians have an immunity to this virus, to which Asians and Negros have none, making it a good bio-weapon in the eyes of white military planners. It is therefore possible that Reagan started a global-bio-war in 1980. Also there was the event of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 on August 29, 1988 which Time magazine reported was redirected from Alaska to fly over restricted Russian military bases and was shot down while transmitting the data to a US spy plane outside Soviet Space, 180 civilian lives were sacrificed for this information.
    If Bush was involved in the World Trade Centre attack then he and Reagan have this in common … killing their own civilians to achieve hidden agendas. Reagan also sold arms to Iran, one of America's mortal enemies, and he was implicated in the mysterious death of the CIA director William Casey who died 2 days before he could testify at the Iran/Contra Congressional hearings, then conveniently got Alzheimer's after leaving the presidency so as to be unavailable to answer any legal questions regarding a litany of suspicious events during his reign, including the weaponization of space (heaven).

    When George Bush senior became Reagan's vice president many were appalled that our political leaders were coming directly from the CIA. George Bush senior was later implicated in the importation of Cocaine from Latin America and the trade of weapons for drugs. Reagan and Pope Jean Paul 2nd. worked together to sabotage communism in the Soviet Union there was criticism that the church was in bed with government, also we should note that Jesus instated communism himself (Acts 2:44-45, 4:32-36, Is. 29:19, Luke 3:11) long before Marx or Lennon. Now that George Bush Jr. is president there is criticism that the Oil-Cartel / Military Industrial-complex and the Government are all in bed together, finally a president with his hands into the CIA, Halliburton, Petroleum, Weapons, and you name it.

    Many “spiritualists” called Reagan the antichrist openly, as they did the Pope.
    Are we seeing the unfolding off a Biblical prophesy with Pope Jean Paul 2nd. being the “False-Prophet”, Reagan as “The Beast”, and Bush Jr. as “The Image of the Beast” ?
    I have been told by several churches that the first Popes wore a hat with Latin letters on it, and that in Latin every letter has a numerical value, and that the numerical sum of these letters is 666.
    Interestingly President Reagan and Pope Jean-Paul were both shot in the same anatomical place, being the left lung, 2 inches away from the heart.
    Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981. The pope being shot May 13th 1981, 65 years after the Prophesies of Fatima, one of which allegedly (and conveniently) was the necessity to extinguish communism in Russia. The Pope hated the Soviets because they had invaded and dominated his native Poland.

    A definition from Wikipedia, the internet's free encyclopedia states:
    Samael is an important figure in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer, and destroyer. Legends mentioning Satan refer equally to him, such that Samael is often taken to be the true or angelic name of the Devil ... this is the story of "UNCLE SAM" (The Pentagon) and "AUNTIE-CHRIST" (Lady Liberty … symbol of the “Illuminati”). The evil step-guardians of those who won't accept God as their father and Earth as their mother.
    Let me close by saying that I recognize that anyone can interpret the Bible to say just about anything … but I surprised even myself when I saw how much evidence fell into place on this idea. I “DO NOT” present any of this as the truth, but if you are interested, then please help make this a chain letter by sending it on to more recipients/sites, especially Christian sites.
    Also if you must “copy/save” this letter cause it is being deleted/moderated as fast as it can be posted.
  2. You'd have to be smoking some pretty DANK bud to consider this possible.
  3. Yeah, it's creative, but those are some pretty far-fetched conclusions made from some pretty ambiguous sources.
  4. ^^^^^how so?
  5. Christianity is the anti-christ. And other religions fuel it.

    No one is going to agree with me here. But trust me, this is the type of thing I think about. But christianity is in fact the anti-christ. Oh, and do some research people. research the year 2012. The calender ends in 2012. do some research on astronomy. in 2012, our whole galaxy will align, and 5 zodiac signs will make like a cross shape in the sky...and at that very moment, our world will change. If anybody is any interested in what im saying, just research that info a little bit and get back to me with what you found. trust me....its exciting. to many people seperate religion from astronomy. Be realistic, god didnt create the universe, and then focus in on one planet in one galaxy. Thats like, creating a beach and then focusing on one piece of sand. anywho take a look at this pic.

    That picture is our galaxy. You can see the distance between even out sun, and the center of our galaxy. Can you even fathom leaving our galaxy? how much technology we would have to have. to travel 1000's of lightyears.

    Go to that site, it explains that there are anywhere from 100 billion to 500 billion galaxies in space....there can be 125 billion galaxies that work the same way ours does. 125 billion chances for there to be another planet with life.

    anywho, to get to my point. I believe whatever it was that made the universe, made people made everything..and i seriously thing that humans are not some high almighty species..i think we are just some really really small piece the the puzzle. And yes, I do believe on life in different planets...think of a planet, full of humans, that are twice as advanced as we are...just because they have been around longer. And time, we base life on time. But once you leave the galaxie...what is time??

    God is the universe, it is everything, and the black matter inbetween the billions of galaxies....whatever that shit is, its feeding out universe. for real.

    p.s - this is what space looks like

    Theres gotta be something else, and if there is, it takes every religion we had, and throws it down the shitter. Think about it, there cant be two gods, and if one god is spending all of his time here on earth, he certainly isnt being a very good god to the people that live on the other side of the universe.
  6. First of all, I'd really like to know what "fundamentalist bible cult" you're speaking of. That would really help in deciphering some of this.

    Secondly, let me make a few corrections.

    The one head of the beast that comes back to life is NOT Israel. It is the antichrist himself. A person. He will be mortally wounded in the head, and after 3 days he will come back to life, indwelt by Satan himself. This is Satan's way of counterfitting the ressurection of Christ.

    Wormwood is a type of meteor that is going to poison the water supply of the world. It states specifically in scripture (in the original language anyway) that this anomoly is going to come from outside the earth's atmosphere.

    When the bible speaks of Jerusalem, it means Jerusalem in the land of Israel. It is the city that God chose to make His own.

    The "sibling rivalry" that you mention in regards to the Muslems has nothing to do with Christians, actually. It's with the Jews. The Jews and Muslems are siblings by birthrite. Abraham had two sons.....Ishmael by his servant Hagar, and Isaac by his wife Sarah. Isaac was the child that God provided to Abraham and Sarah. The son that would receive the birthrite of the patriarchs. God foretold that Ishmael and his sons would be as wild dogs, always with their hands against everyone around them.

    The blood rising up to the bridle of a horse would have to be alot deeper than 3 feet, btw. It also specifically states in scripture exactly where this would occur. In the Valley of Megiddo. The instance you spoke of did not happen in the valley of Meggiddo.

    As far as the rest of your post goes, it's tin hat kind of stuff that is easily debunked when scripture is taken into proper context and translation.

    As to your second post in this thread.....Christians are not the antichrist. Not true Christians, at any rate. The Mayan calendar that you reference (2012) has recently been debunked as well.

    While I do not pretend to know whether or not there is life on other planets, I tend to think not.

    God is real. He is the creator. He is the sustainer of all. I've seen, heard, and felt too much to say any differently.

    If you have any specific questions regarding the bible, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. :)
  7. my friend was the one who knows most about the mayan calander, and he said he wanted to talk to you about why you said its debunked, hes pretty intelligent and just wants to hear what you have to say. his AIM is jeffykorea
  8. oh boy, ive been waiting to share this

    i found this a couple years ago, i dont know if i beleive it or not but read it, there are some (interesting?) points made
  9. Bush isnt the anti-christ. Thats giving him way to much credit. haha. There were people that had a major impact on the world due to their actions...bush does not fall into that. Hes just a power/money hungry man, and hes setting himself up to live a great life for the rest of his life. Thats all.

    And if there is something more to it, if he is trying to take control, it wont go anywhere. He'll start showing more and more how much of a crazy man he is, and will be stoped. Hes a nobody, And hes not going down in the history books. Everyone always thinks people are going down in the history books, no....hes just gunna be the guy that gets a paragraph on a page. And it will mainly cover how many americans turned their backs on might be able to say, we'll look at him as another nixon...just a dumb ass.
  10. Well since we are on the topic of debunking...wasn't the whole 666 mark of the beast shit just debunked saying that with new discoveries and translations that archiologists have found that it is really 616. Iono just a thot. Oha nd aleksis and llockhart86 all of this has been real interesting.

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