Gentle Giant anyone

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  1. Jamming out to some gentle. Great stuff to relax to.

    Three Friends is a great song.

    A little dazed sorry if i don't make sense

    Edit that whole fucking album ...
  2. Now here's a band I never thought I'd see here. Acquiring the Taste is one of the best classic prog albums by far.
  3. Their harmonies almost annoy me, but I still love them. Only known of them for about a year...

    What a gem of a band.

    Found a bunch of stuff in that era that rocked and was chill to smoke to. Love psychedelic music.
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    A very smooth music. What other bands do you like?
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    Thumbs up to you brother. :smoke:
  6. Brilliant group. Octopus is their best, easily among the top 10 prog albums of all time.
  7. Bringing this topic back. Just heard the self-titled debut the other day. Blew my mind. Like King Crimson's first with Pain Of Salvation's last two Road Salt albums.
  8. Love gentle giant, in a glass house is my favorite :D
  9. Omg I think my ears finally started working! How could I have gone so long without having listened to this amazing band! Thanks op for expanding my mind to such an awesome band. Too bad they split would've loved to see them live.

    For my birthday buy me a politician

  10. I love a bit of Gentle Giant, I agree with Paperhouse that Octopus is the best one though.  But I have their first 4 albums and I love each one.

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