Genetics, or deficiency?

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  1. HI There - Please see the pic. This is a C4 auto strain that I started inside and planted into ground outside about a week ago. Looks relatively healthy except for all the purple developing up top. First I thought perhaps a phosphorus deficiency, but upon further searches on C4, I'm now wondering if it is just genetics. Would appreciate your thoughts/feedback. Thank you.


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  2. Very intriguing too bad it wasn't getting bigger it looks like it's throwing pistols already and going into flower it would be beautiful if it grew bigger I would think it's genetics but I'm unsure I'm unfamiliar with a C4
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  3. I agree, it does seem to be flowering which is interesting. As for the purple it could be genetics, possible deficient or even temps. How has the weather been? What are the night temps like there?
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  4. Night temps since planting outside have generally been much cooler than normal. Avg in low/mid 60s with low humidity. Dropped into mid-50s one night. Day temps also below avg, ranging in the 70s.
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  5. Super small auto bro, she is now in flower.....

    Color change could be to low temps, but who knows. It looks fire tho.

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