Genetically Modified Food.

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    Idk about all the stuff about the elites doing it to sterilize us but I do agree that all the additives talked about in the video are horrible for your health.
  2. lol. This reminds me of this scene.
    [ame=]Whitest Kids U'Know: Genetic Pigs - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I read something like 70% of shit at the grocery store is genetically modified it's not a big deal
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    Over 200,000 farmers are suing the company who makes the GMO food. Do you guys know how the tomatoa in supermarkets stay red for so long? Fish DNA, that's how. GMO food is a BIG deal & you shouldn't want to eat it.
  5. Sadly, a lot of people would rather be blissfully ignorant about what they put into there bodies...
  6. Well, I knew that GMO and other stuff are bad for your health, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. Good thing I'm a raw vegetarian. But that Alex Jones guy is a little crazy...

    [ame=]Alex Jones Says Gay People are Created by the Government - YouTube[/ame]

    This guy is consuming the same stuff he says is so horrible and mind controlling.
  7. Holy shit. This makes me wanna throw everything out of my fridge and start my own garden. I mean jesus christ whats safe now...
  8. Everyone should care about GMO. It hasn't been extensively researched and unlike a chemical spill or that kind of accident that eventually disipates, once GMO is out (as it is now) it reproduces and continues to contaminate the gene pool of the world.

    The fact is that the new genes (often from animals) cause new proteins to be produced which then react in a different way in the gut to normal proteins. We shouldn't be taking risks with this stuff before we know what it's doing to us. If you're in the US and unless you make absolutely sure and research all your food, you will be eating GMO. It's everywhere

    Coming next, meat grown in a lab! Yum!

    Meat grown in laboratory in world first - Telegraph

  9. F*** eating that. I'm going to go make a salad
  10. It's absolutely a big deal. We're messing around with the eco system in unimaginable ways, and not to mention, putting chemicals which should never be ingested, in our bodies.

  11. We've been messing around with the Eco system for millennia with cross breeding indroducing things to new environments est and btw modified foods don't have chemicals if anything they have less beacuse we can modify them to be resistant to bugs so we don't need as many pesticides
  12. Up until recently, we've been using selective breeding and cross breeding to create a next generation of plants or animals with desirable traits. This is very different to combining for example fish and insect DNA with crop DNA for the protein reasons I mentioned already.

    The claim that GMO crops require less pesticide and are better is Monsanto marketing BS. Ask the 1000000s of farmers in India who were bullied aggressivly by Monsanto into taking loans to buy their "superior" seeds. There were widespread crop failures and as a result there was a huge surge of farmers taking their own lives due to the impossible position they were left in.

    Got to love Monsanto.

  13. wow. This is completely backwards. You should really research the issue better before sticking your foot in your mouth again.

    'messing with the eco system' is far different then using fish genes to make tomatoes stay red....the genes are only there to make them stay red and look more appealing to customers, no one really knows the full side effects of genetic modification because it hasn't been around for long enough.

    'modified foods don't have chemicals' you obviously don't understand how it works. They modify the genes in 'roundup ready' crops by making it so the plant isn't harmed by a specific chemical/pesticide, roundup. The plant accomplishes this by absorbing some of the roundup and storing it in it's cells. Those plants are then sprayed regularly with roundup, whether they have bugs on them or not. This 'genetic modification' is also far different then 'messing with the eco system' they don't just cross a bunch of soybeans till they find one resilient to roundup, they change the dna of the genes with e-coli virus, creating something that never would have 'evolved' in nature.

    That's all the soybeans you eat...and all the corn...and many other vegetables. You have no idea how much corn you eat, and it's allll GMO. Corn is used as a feed for pretty much every farm animal now, so even when you eat meat, you're still eating corn in a way. Corn is also used as a 'filler' in many's amazing really. I think the chicken mcnugget for example is 60% corn!

    ..and the comment about not worrying about GMO food cuz yer vegetarian? really?

    I recommend watching a few films on the subject instead of listening to crazy old me on the interwebs though. Try 'the future of food' or 'the botany of desire'

    I could talk about this subject for hours but I feel it would be a waste of time. The info is out there...people who want to know the truth already know. The rest bury their heads in the sand and dismiss it as conspiracy. The u.s. is one of the very few countries where food manufacturers don't have to label whether or not their food is GMO....just that right there should tell you quite a bit.
  14. I'm going to say this no matter what you eat you will die so might as well stop giving so many fucks about what you eat
  15. yup there ya go....don't educate yourself on the subject...just ignore it and continue through life in sweet bliss.

  16. That's the best way to live if you read into anything deep enough you will find things that will make you not want to eat it
  17. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

    I found out through various dietry limitations that kicked in in recent years how much of an effect food has on your mood, energy, etc.

    I then started researching and firmly believe that the farming and food industry has radically changed the way we eat in the last few thousand years, esp. in the last couple of decades. Humans have not changed much in their ability to process food. This causes massive problems like obesity and cancer. A calorie is not a calorie. Even if you look at carbs and the way fructose is metabolised vs glucose, there are clear differences. There is more to eating healthy than calorie restriction.

    I base my diet on as natural foods as possible, avoiding sugar (except glucose) and processed foods. If I buy processed, I avoid a whole bunch of s*** eg msg. I have f. all body fat (I'd been trying for years with gym and regular "healthy" diet), loads of energy, doing better at sports, able to concentrate better.

    It requires a lifestyle change and a complete revamp of diet. There are no short cuts. I was "lucky" in that I was forced in this direction due to intolerances/limitations.

    It's a personal choice that people can make for themselves. I'm just trying to say that it IS possible.

    great resource here:

    More Programs In Nutrition and Diet - UCTV - University of California Television

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