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  1. Here's a picture of two plants about 3 weeks into veggy mode.
    The one on the left is a bit skinny and is crying out for transplant into a larger pot.
    The other is doing well and I plan on letting her grow all she wants as long as she continues to stay bushy, she is only 10" tall.
    Am I wrong at wanting to wait on her till maybe 2-3-4 feet before going to flowering?
    They were grown under 160 watts of gro-lux growlights and given no fert other then what was in the starter potting soil.

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  2. Another shot of skinny

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  3. Another single shot of fatty

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  4. thats looking nice. how much did you buy your lights for? I am looking for some lights to buy
  5. The fixtures were $9.00 ea they hold 2 -4 foot bulbs @ 40 watts and the bulbs were $6.00 each.
    You can get higher output fixtures but it really doesn't matter cause of the limitations of the bulbs wattage.

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