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Generous Family :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr. Jesus, May 12, 2010.

  1. #1 Mr. Jesus, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    So I've been out of wacky tabacky for a little over 2 weeks now and you might be saying "You can't handle two weeks without weed? YOU MOTHER EFFER ADDIDCT FACE! >:[" but if you are one of the sane ones you realize that 2 weeks isn't long, just longer than it would be if you did have some. Anyways enough of me ranting. Well my sister was aware that I've been dry and she had been too but she remembered a little bit o' weed that she left aside a few weeks ago and she gave it to me :smoking:. (I can tell she just smoked when she told me cause she was all giggly when she told me and she would answer my texts all weird, she has mad low tolerance).

    Has your family ever pulled through for you too?
  2. My cousin asked me to go fishing once and whipped out a dutch and a quarter randomly.
  3. No one in my family smokes as far as I know. It sucks.
  4. me and my dad smoke eachother up
  5. Well me, my brother, and my older sister all smoke pot. I have another sister and she's 11, so she def doesn't :p. Our rents would kill us if they knew. Anywho, my older sister always gives me n my bro shit. She moved out about a month ago, and a day after she left I was looking for some zags in her room and I found her grinder, so I opened it to see it, and there was 2g's ground up. I was like :eek: cause I had been dry for a month but just bought a quick dimebag. We called her up and she's like "You can only have my weed on one condition....that you get ripped as FUCK!". Hehe, she's great :).
  6. Ive been out for a week, first time ive been out in a year or so. Anyway, no joke a tornado hit my town yesterday. And that was not fun, alone. right so my ex drives and hour and comes and smokes me out and left me a dimer. Very cool of her ( i know whos getting some homegrown this crop)

  7. I recommend switching :rolleyes:

    haha joshin, but yeah it's great
  8. My family doesn't know I smoke. I don't smoke when I'm home either so.........Nope.
  9. haha my dad pulls through for me everytime i get him an ounce. he gives me what he calls a "taste" wich is about a gram or two. :cool: an smokes me out every once and awhile. he a cool pops
  10. I have 4 brothers. 3 of which smoke haha. One lives with me and one travels around and comes home for a month or so every once in awhile. Both of which always have my back. The brother that lives with me, we actually share our pot. Same jar both pay about 50/50 but no one ever worries if ones slipping up and not paying even. We just throw down cash and get what we can haha. But whenever were dry and the brother that travels around is home, he always covers us. Its awesome haha. No problem smoking us up cause he knows we'd smoke him up no problem.

    Gotta love family :)
  11. i've had some family help out some. but some don't help out as much as they probably should (given how often i helped them).
  12. when i come home from school, my little bro usually asks me if i wanna chief and we just rip his bowl and shit, then play some NHL 10:)
  13. man i wish.. closest that happened to me was when my uncle said stay irie.. other than that my twin bro hates bud as much as Gil Kerlikowske :(
  14. I honestly think I have one of the coolest families (at least out of my friends I know well enough). My dad, my mom, and my older sis all smoke. :hello::eek::hello:. First time my dad saw me with a J he literally smiled, gave me a hug and said, welcome to the family, as a joke. Me and him got blitzed out our heads that night.

    Honestly, never had problems, but when we do, my parents trust me to stash stuff away from my sis, who can get a little bit greedy with it. They know I wont smoke much from it, if at all.
  15. my mom ALWAYS gives me bud when im out, its to the point where i feel bad asking

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