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Generation Joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pot4fun, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. (for those who dont know, a generation joint is when you save up your roaches, and roll a joint with the res'd up bud.) 
    whenever i roll a full 2nd generation joint, the roach is waaaay too res'd up to let smoke pass through it again. it needs to be finished before it gets too hard or it needs to be smoked in a bowl. how do some people roll 3rd and 4th generation joints? 

  2. Haven't gotten to a second generation yet but have you tried seperating the roach bud up a little or maybe mixing in a tiny bit of fresh bud to let it get some drag
  3. I smoke my roaches in a blunt, to kill the taste of the resin. I don't ever save the roach from it though...3rd gen and 4th gen though? Lol hell no you crazy. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. some people bust up the roaches with the resin soaked paper still on it, doing this would definetly contribue to it getting clogged up so I recommend to take the papers off. Other fix is to put a small paper filter in the end to keep the end opened up and not collapse and seal from the resin, or use a roor phunky tips, its about keeping good airflow and not letting the end get sealed up. Doing this I have never had a generation joint not smoke well
  5. There is a legend of the Ming is the roach of the 7th generation joint, saved until you have enough 7th gen roaches to make 1. Then save the roach....and do it again...until you have a 7th generartion joint rolled from the roaches of 7th gen roaches. and the Joint you get will be the Ming Joint. It will get you high as the best weed you have ever smoke, without fail, and it will never burn so you will have a free joint whenever you want for the rest of your life. There was one that was passed around at Woodstock, and everybody got high off of it. Then the man put it out and left, and was never seen again.............That's an old hippie tale.
    Here's some math...
    1st Gen = 5 joints
    2nd Gen = 25 joints
    3rd Gen = 125 joints
    4th Gen = 625 joints
    5th Gen = 3125 joints
    6th Gen = 15625 joints
    7th Gen = 78125 joints
    Good luck!
  6. id imagine 7th gen roach weed to be potent but dirty

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  7. Ew

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  8. I'm up to 5th generation currently. Have 2 roaches towards 6th. Haven't heard of the Ming joint but good to know! Best result to make airflow is always use a crutch (filter) and save the roaches with paper on them in a airtight jar. When your ready to use them sqeeze off the ashed end, peel off the paper and break up the bud. If its to wet when you try to roll it just let it sit for 10 minutes or so
  9. Wow, I am honest to god up to about 32nd generation. We have been saving our roaches for a while now and always roll roach blunts with about 15 or so.
  10. i never have roaches left over cuz i either stick them into a chillum or make a time bomb in my bong bowl with it
  11. How long you been working on it?
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  12. If you smoke 1/4z/day, all joints, it would take 2 years for a 5th generation. For a 6th gen 10 years, abd for 7th 30 years. That's smoking a 1/4z every, single day. I figured 8 joints out of a 1/4.
  13. Smoking a 1/4z day, all joints you could get to 5th generation in a year. 6th generation would take 5 years, 7th generation will take 26yrs.
  14. I just smoke it to the nitty gritty man lol

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