General Questions about GC selling seeds

Discussion in 'General' started by Respectedpuddle, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. How is this legal? Is it legal to sell marijuana seeds? How is this legal since to get seeds you need plants, which are illegal. Confused

  2. depends on were you live but i didnt think GC sold marijuana seeds
  3. go to magrasscity shop and it says seeds, you can buy northern lights :O

    Wut, how is this legal at all
  4. Don't ship to the US I believe
  5. dont do it.
  6. It doesn't show on the us store
  7. Seeds are perfectly legal in most European countries, Canada, and many other nations.

    Despite the US's stance on this issue, there are many seed-banks that continue to ship to that jurisdiction.
  8. In Ireland possession of cannabis seeds is legal, it only becomes illegal the second you plant it :laughing: how idiotic
  9. GC doesn't send seeds to any countries where it's illegal

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