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general piece information

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GnarTheShred, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So I'm fairly new to smoking, and I recently bought a nice Sherlock that just broke due to an ignorant friend.

    I still don't know the ins and out of smoking and usage and I'm basically confused as fuck on how each different piece smokes differently and produces a different effect.

    Like, how does a zong differ from a bong? And a bubbler from a mini bong? Wtf does a perk and downstem do for me? And how does a vape differ from all of the above?

    I really want to buy a new piece, but I'd like to be well informed on everything. Thanks.
  2. You should read the stickies, and the posts in our toking tools section. You can learn a lot there for sure. :smoke:
  3. lol you have lots and lots of research to do. i'd recommend the 'toking tools' section, being as how most of them might be a little more informed & you can check out some nice pieces too.
  4. Thanks guys. I was there yesterday and didn't get any replies. Didn't bother to read stickies at the time but I'll jump on it right now
  5. Now, having said that I'd check the stickies, I can't seem to find any that I think list what want to know. Is there a specific thread you can link me to, or even a different site that has this kind of information?
  6. Vaporizers- heat the bud, not to burn it but to get you high. Taste amazing! Come in various forms, such as the bag or whip.

    Zong- not that much better then a bong, more like a conversation piece.

    Bubbler- a bowl with water filtration, just like a bong. Much smaller and looks like a pipe.

    Perk- another filtration device the smoke goes through in a bong. Not recommended for your first bong.

    Downstem- a necessary component in bongs and bubblers, it's the piece that lets the smoke go down in the water.

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