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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by stoned budda, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Maybe its just me but with all the improvements Super "J" has done and with all the new forums added; pretty much covering all topics, the General Forum seems to have been reduced to nothing more than a "clearing house" for threads that the posters were to lazy to place in the proper forums. Its almost as if the general forum has been rendered obsolete, if you look, at least 95% of the threads contained within could very easily be assigned to a more "fitting" forum. I guess the actual forum assignment of these miss placed threads falls on the judgement of the mods.

    Sorry just high and rambling.
  2. yeah but where would THIS thread go?

    exactly :D
  3. :eek:
  4. I have noticed the same. There are a lot of sub-forums and lots of junk has been thrown into the "general" section. I feel like a lot of things are ignored when thrown or moved into sub-forums that people usually never visit to begin with.
  5. Yeah, this should definetly be in the "Feedback" section... n00b! :p
  6. i never look at all those sub forums....thats a good point i guess all of that stuff does fall under general.....i hope people dont abandon the general section all together!! i love this section
  7. website feedback.

    oh! gotchu there! :p haha

    EDIT: fuck, you beat me to it, Perp. :(
  8. I think it makes the mods job a lot more difficult. Now they have to go through each and every thread and move them to the correct category. :wave:
  9. We're woking on it. In the meantime, you can help by posting in the correct section too.

  10. I posted it in General to prove a point.
  11. Was your point proven?

    I know we have a lot of new stuff going on around here but we're going to try it all out. Anything that proves to not "work" will be adjusted, moved, taken away...whatever needs to be done.

    Just be patient. :)
  12. Obviously, the General forum will now spiral down into one long running 4Chan-esque joke after another.
  13. LOL, I forgot what my point was, it certainly wasnt to start trouble, its just that we are all still gettuing used to the new city (?which by the way, props to Super J on a job well done), and it seems as allthough General was the most popular forum and its been reduced to nothing since everything has a place now. I actually think the site would be better if the general forum was retired.

    Sorry if i sounded like a smart ass, it was not intended.
  14. i dont know i really liked the general forum...all of these new sub forums while a great idea are very taxing on the mind of a stoner! youve got tens of thousands of pot heads browsing this site and when they want to post up a thread they need to think about exactly where it should go...the general section was a nice simple place to post up pretty much whatever you wanted!
  15. Yes but then it either becomes a free for all or the mods end up being file clerks.
  16. qft...
  17. Yeah...uhh...sub forums suck. :D
  18. i agree with dAN GLESSIC...

    i usually call '' general'' home,,,,andd may venture out,, but mostly hang in that section,,,,

    but here lately it has declined,,,,,imo:cool:
  19. DONT get rid of General, Period.
  20. I highly doubt they will remove such a high-traffic section, doing so would result in an overflow of spam (unrelated topics) in all other forums overall making the moderators job even HARDER.

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