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    ok i have 1 female that is under 2 200 watt clear bulb on the top and a 15 watt flouro on the side.. shes about 2 months old and shes starting to have problems. i want to start the 12/12 but shes starting to show newt deff..does it matter if i start it now?some of the leaves are starting to have brown spots on the inside of the tips and the outer please...
  2. When you say "clear bulb" do you mean a regular incandescent? If so, those are not any good for growing and you will need to switch it out before you go any further. 5-10-5 should be okay for the flowering stage, start a 1/4 strength and slowly increase the amount. Which leaves are showing nute deficiencies, the ones at the top or the ones at the bottom? Most of the time what you see as a nute deficiency is really a pH problem since the plant can't uptake nutrients above a certain pH. You can refer to this chart to help you figure out what your problem is and how to solve it.
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    the leaves are in the mid section ,no new growth leaves showing this.. and the bulb is a 200 watt sparkling clear it gives off 3665 lumens... would it be better to use a soft white, i do have a mercury vapor bulb or known as m/h but it is also clear and(i would be afraid of it exploding) its 175 watts....and my light fixture is a open hangin...and that solution is starter plus , transplanting has 1.7% ammoniacal nitrogen,1.6%nitrate nitrogen,1.7%urea nitrogen,available phospate 10%,soluble potash 5.0% and iron.10% .....5-10-5 would that solution still work or not? im still kinda new to this..thanks for ur replys..
  4. 175w of MH beats any amount of incandescent (which you seem unclear of, so I assume you have). It will only explode if you get water or water vapor on the outside of the bulb. However, this type of bulb will require a ballast to regulate its voltage. As for your sick plants, I've not got any idea based on your description. Maybe post some pictures?
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    just some pics i took today.. top new leaves curling like a rolled that bad? pics to show.. and what developed, on the bottom in the top of leave that bad? and before the 12/12 is it better to do a 24 hour dark period or a 36?

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  6. Mercury vapor is not the same as MH or metal halide. Mercury vapor, if I am remembering correctly, actually has a really good spectrum, but aren't very efficient compared to MH or HPS. I think it's about the same as regular fluorescents. But definitely better than that incandescent bulb you have in there, ditch that thing it's just giving off heat and making your plant stretch.

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