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general cost ranges

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pfunkk, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i know this is a really broad question to ask, but im going to school in CALI next year, and i cant wait, i also am excited to get a MMJ card while out there, i am just wondering the ranging costs and amounts of MMJ you can get from the dispensaries? i know its a broad question, but im just lookkin for some info, help if you can!!!! thanks everyone~~~
  2. You can purchase up to the amount you can legally carry which is something like 7oz's i believe...never bought that much from a clinic. Prices are normally what you would find on the street, $20 a gram....etc.
    It also varies on the clinic, some are lot more expensive, some a bit cheaper.
  3. thanks for the help man!
  4. Yeah, it varies but is generally a bit more expensive than street.

    Since you're going to be on a campus, you're going to have access to far cheaper street weed (well, unless you're going somewhere too far South.) However, once you get hooked on the clinical dank you probably won't turn back.
  5. Overpriced, overpriced and uh overpriced. It's nice for a selection and all that, edibles and hash, but if you move to CA you won't have a hard time finding a good connect. If you're getting a MMJ rec. anyways you might was well just grow if you can. GL.
  6. yeah prices are overpriced... like dank, but that all you can get threre.. so who knows if its good deal or not, you have mmj card, i dont =O
  7. yeah i hopin to go to Loyola Marymount in LA, so im hopin ill find a good connect if the prices are that bad, but it would be nice to have to go to every once in a while to get some snacks, or some real nice dank stuff
  8. I know a few people that go to Loyola Marymount actually. But generally the prices are average, I don't really know how these people that don't have cards can say they are overpriced though?

    Anyways I can recommend some good clinics with good prices if you want once you get here.
  9. yeah i would really appreciate that man, thanks, ill keep you posted!
  10. wow im really jealous...i wish nc would catch on to that.

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