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  1. Anybody else confused by all this?

    I think if you were born a male, you're a male. Born a female, you're a female. It's simple biology not prejudice.

    Those parts don't go away just because you think you're something you're not. Unless those parts are repealed and replaced.

    And now everybody has to share in that delusion because it's 2017 and we must accept it? Forced too or be considered a bigot?

    I feel like society is just going crazy. "You got a penis but you think you're a girl, you're totally a girl dude"

    It's like that white chick who thinks she's black and ran the NAACP in Seattle ."But she's black on the inside!"
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  2. Do we really need to bring this whole conversation / mess in here? Just let this be a place to hang out and don't over complicate things.
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  4. As a heterosexual male it is difficult for me to fully appreciate why people do these things, but I support their right to as they please.

    Honestly I couldn't care what people do in this sense. It doesn't affect me. It makes them happy. And no, being "forced" to take a shit in the stall next to a transgender is not hurting anyone.

    With all the fucked up shit going on in our country and around the world, the fact that anyone would interpret this of all issues as "society is just going crazy" is baffling.
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  5. It's gone too far, our military is a perfect example of this.
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    Jordan Peterson has some of the best lectures on this. I refuse to change my vocabulary for people pushing a warped neo-marxist political agenda to deconstruct gender. Much of it is pushing victim culture and normalizing mental illness. It's malicious to people that truly have gender dysphoria.

    Politics isn't the section for you then.
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  7. Lol, this is the politics section, it's all a huge Fucking mess, so this thread was correctly placed
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  8. i believe in science and biology. you're a man or a woman. The science is very much settled on that and there is no evidence to the contrary.

    if you wanna play make believe and pretend to be something else, that's cool.. but you shouldn't make a political issue out of it. And you shouldn't scorn those who don't wanna play along.

    I don't like when religious people do it either..
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  9. Well said!
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  10. Science dictates penis and vagina. Socialization dictates that a penis and vagina means anything RE masculine and feminine characteristics. People with "different genders" challenge the notion of gender because gender doesn't equal science. Biological sex equals science.
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  11. Yeah, but claiming that gender and sex are completely unrelated is lunacy, as is the idea that someone's identity is purely what they decide it to be. It is denying science to deny that a person's sex influences their personality and characteristics.

    And Bill C16 is just fucked. Watching Peterson try to talk sense to the Senate is just painful.
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  12. Something like >90% of people's gender match their biological sex. That is scientifically strongly statistically significant. Environment and socialization can affect gender but majority of instances where that deviates is neurological and manifests very early in development.

    Do you believe there are more than two genders or that it is a spectrum? Pronouns like "xer" and things like genderqueer don't do much justice for people with gender dysphoria whom often want to identify as their transitioned gender and not some spectrum.
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  13. It's socialization. Most people match their race too. Doesn't make race any less a social construct.

    I think biology covers something very specific and people make up the rest. On both sides of the fence.
  14. I disagree but if we go further it will just end up being a nature vs nurture / cognitive vs behavioral argument.
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  15. I couldn't care less what people want to be or what they want to be identified as. It's the individuals choice and I'm happy to respect that.

    I'm secure in my sexuality and don't get freaked out or intimated by people who are different than me or indeed what restroom they use.
  16. It's not about what people want to identify as, people can identify as a hamster for all I care though it doesn't make it sane. The issue is the politicization of it and how it is being forced. Also sexuality/sexual preference is different from gender identity.
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  17. I don't see what the problem is, couple of the responses sounded rather closed minded tho.
  18. Why not point out which ones and make a point against them?
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  19. At the end of the day if you have a vagina I'm calling you a woman and vise versa, I don't care what the law says.
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  20. I love the irony of conservatives using science to defend a claim.

    Climate change: Fuck the fascist scientists

    Evolution: It's just a "theory"

    Gender Identity: The science is settled

    The science behind hormones, signaling, brain chemistry and genetics as it relates to one's cognitive sense of self is far from well understood.
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