Gearin up for round two!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mikem417, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. After my first mad scientist grow with 4 tents and 15 strains and an array of first timer problems, decided to go to one tent 5x10. All qbs, a big dog portable ac and a big dog dehumidifier. The only thing missing was the beans, came across these at a local shop and decided to scoop them up. Anybody have any experience with ethos genetics or these strains? From what I’ve read they are pretty top shelf but would like some first hand knowledge if possible. Cheers


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  2. Their a BOUTIQUE breeder

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  3. Friend of mine just picked up a pack of their "Banana Daddy" beans. He's grown a few of their strains and i believe one of his 4 mother plants is an Ethos strain that he obviously felt was worth keeping around.
    I look forward to following your grow... Those strains look great! :thumbsup:
  4. I follow ethos on Instagram, they have some very nice looking flower with awesome strain combinations. Lucky to have the chance to get them locally. Mind me asking the price per pack? Someone in Instagram selling them for 100$ a pack.

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  5. The retailer here in Canada that my buddy used sells Ethos strains for like, $130/pack. Pretty expensive for 6 seeds but i guess that's "boutique" pricing for ya!
  6. 90 for 10 seeds in Oklahoma 60 for 5 feminizes

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  7. I’ve grown a bunch of Ethos gear. Always happy with it. Grows fast, problem free, heavy yields, fast flowering. I’m not a fan of the lilac diesel but I’m not a fan of any diesel really. Rainmaker is my favorite

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