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GDP, Haze, OGk - pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lebowski, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. The mj gods have blessed me with some fine strains.

    I pay 65 for an eighth of these, but I think its worth it.
    They make for pretty photos :D

    Grandaddy Purple:
    Smooth, relaxing, and sedative.

    Original Haze:
    Mellow, upbeat and psychedellic.

    OG kush:
    Strongly inebriating and sedative. A high that blows your socks off, that fades into couchlock :p

  2. multi-strain pickups always make for a good time

    random question : does OG Kush smell like pineapple and rye bread ?
  3. bet that stuff could tranquilize a horse

  4. OG always smells strongly of pine/citrus, with notes of diesel or fuel.
  5. I love how you take your bud shots! Very creative and clean looking. The bud looks great. The second picture of the haze is beautiful. All the buds have lots of long trichomes, really potent looking... Great herb, Lebowski!
  6. Looks way bomb man
  7. Your bud shots are so awesome! God I wish I could get bud like this...
  8. i just busted.........................3 times.
  9. Dude I really like how you took those photos! Beautiful
  10. btw i love the photos you take...what dslr do you use?

    the background flower thing gives the photos a really good color and general look
  11. Ah fuck yes the Original Haze is always good bro! Definitely one of the best Sativas and frosty as hell ++rep when I can:smoke:
  12. Thanks for the comments! :)

    Its a pocket cam- sony dsc-w55.
  13. :eek:! i love your cannabis and whoever grows it;)
  14. i came.

  15. rawwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  16. nice, im diggin that og kush, looks bomb as hell
    smoke on!
  17. dude you know where the bomb is at, its at the corner MMJ club. the stuff is very very very very very pungent. a good rip out of a nice bong with get you climbing. i love morph's strains, they are a cut above the common headies.
  18. Some legit strains right there. All with good highs and great tastes. Enjoy that shit homie =]
  19. Yup! :hello:

    I've never had original haze before, did you find it to be simply amazing?
    Heres one of the only pics I have of OG Kush. Funny thing is I never even smoked this eighth, just took a pic when I saw it. But I got the same stuff a week later. You gave such a great description of the smell. :D

    By the way those nuggets are dankity dank dank!

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