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  1. gday guys and gals
    aussie fella here been a member here since 2007
    havent really posted much
    got a new tent 1.2m wide 2.0m tall and 2.4 m long
    got 3 plants 1 is green python other 2 are smog (sensi star x og kush). old sensi star from the mid 90s the green python is a limited release green crack hybrid,the smoke ive had at 56 days is real ass welded to the couch ,taste is very earthy almost dirt like..
    so plan on pulling a net on the 2 biggest with a gavita 600 se above 1 and a lumatek 600w over other the 3rd will more than likely get a 1.4m x 1.4m tent with a 600overhead plan on flowering inthe next week
    New tent 3 plants.jpg take care
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  2. Good day sir. How's the weather? I think it's gonna rain here. I'm in the midwest U.S. I'm almost said G'day mate, but I think that's been done to death. I would hate for you to have a negative idea of Americans. So I will say good day. I've never heard of green python. sensi star and ogkush yes. where i am we don't have access to strains and seedbanks. I found some bagseed and actually grew a female. I'm terribly excited. I started in a small tent but there was just no room for growth. I've just got a 150 overhead HPS but I keep it close and it seems to do well. How far along are your girlfriends?
  3. G'day mate.

    I heard someone yell "Struth!" today, and it reminded me of the paradise down under.

    Welcome back. :wave:
  4. thanks for the welcome
    weather is delightfull summer has passed so days are becoming more comfortable,cooling down into prime indoor grow time down here a few weeks off it becoming ideal conditions. atm still getting days over 30 C, i like it wen u need a water heater for your res to maintain optimum temps for multifeed RTW Coco.
    i dont have a neg view of americans ,i kniw numerous americans from these boards from over the years and keep in reg contact with a handfull
    ill see if i can get some info on the green python and share if i get any,it was a gift as a clone so i too dont kniw a great deal about it myself.yer bagseed is always hit n miss i prefer other sources for seed
    what size footprint u getting from a 150w? Are u using mag or digital ballast?
    my girls are on 18/6 have only just been housed in tent for 24 hours in above pic,prior to that they had a period of 6 days with only the fluoro fixtures of a spare room and watever sun got threw window blinds.unfortunately had to move houses so hasnt been the most ideal move for the girls.plans are to pull a net on 2 then as they start upward growth,tip them add another net with smaller squares ,flip 12/12 as they stretch have same size net 50mm x 50mm to hopefully result in an even canopy of budsites waiting to growbig. finally a net withh bigger squares(flower netting from hydro shop) this net is to support the fattening colas as they fatten and swell
    hopefully theres no issues and it all goes off without a hitch

    thankss for the welcome
    love aussie slang and shit
    catch ya round the boards
  5. I bought a sunlight suppy 150. It covers anywhere from 2 -4 plants. I can adjust the height up and down, and with the lower heat I can keep it within 5 - 6 inches. The ballast in part of the unit, so I guess it's just a standard ballast. It's not digital. I also hang two 100W CFL's from the side. I've had such bad luck with bagseed. I ordered seeds from Herbies but they never arrived. I planted fifteen bagseeds and 3 were female. I hear you on the moving thing. I was staying at a friends. I was in the last few weeks of flower. The closet had no ventiliation, and I ended up rushing it and producing horribly thin and airy buds. I had an opportunity to move so I took it, but I'm hoping this grow I can finish. I've got one in hydro and two in soil. One in soil looks to be a Sativa, so it's taking quite a long time. The other two are Indicas I believe. The waiting is killing me. My goal this week is to leave them alone and let them grow. I've tied some branches down so light will reach.
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