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  1. Hi I signed and paid for the silver member package, picked a new user name, but how do I sign in. Do the subscriptions have to be mailed in order for the account to be activated?
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    What do you mean you signed for it? Why did you pick a new user name? *I know you have to choose a new user name for an account at the Shop but when you order a membership, you just type in the forum user name that you use to make sure that your membership is attached to that user name.

    If you ordered it from the Shop, then once it hits Superjoint, he'll go in an manually change your user group so that you can have access to the forum available for those donated. Once he does that, your user name will change colors and you'll see Nirvana.
  3. For the record, Nirvana is the shit.
  4. They said that u can pick a unique user name so therefore I did. Should I contact Super Joint, I have my order number
  5. When you donated, it should have asked for your GC user name (so that he knows who it is who's supposed to be giving access to), not a unique name. If you entered a unique user name in this field, instead of your GC user name, then that could be why you haven't gained access yet.

  6. Nail on the head! :hello:
  7. when signing up for the forum you are asked to pick a unique user name yes, nobody can have the same user name as someone else. but when shopping for a membership it just clearly states:

    Your GC Forum Username *

    it's like rummy said, you attach your existing username to a paid membership, bronze, silver or gold.

    what you need to do is send me your order number and I than can attach silver membership to your account: chase_dinero

    Nobody can buy a username when signing up for membership.

    your first become a unique member and than apply fro the paid membership. That's the correct order of things.


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