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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Veeners5, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if there are any plans on updating the smiley list :confused_2:? Ive seen other forums that have some really great selections compared to GC's rather traditional options. Best City online by far :gc_rocks: but we need some updates imo, can I type that w/o coming across as douchey :hide:. Take care GC :)
  2. Yes, we're going to add some new smilies. :)
  3. :yay: :metal: thanks RMJL :D
  4. LOL! You're welcome! You use the "traditional options" quite well :D but yeah, we're going to add some new ones.
  5. Haha, looking back at it, it does seem a bit over enthusiastic for some smileys huh :laughing: but I figured I should use them well given the topic ;). Take care man :smoke:
  6. Any idea of WHEN? Sorry dont mean to be pushy but people get addicted to using them ya know;):wave:
  7. Hi veneers. :wave:

    I have an interest in this too. :) The best answer I have had so far is 'with the next update' which will be 'when they are ready'.

  8. HEy there :cool: lady :wave:. Yes I too am quite :confused_2: as to "when" this will happen but I think they will get there but we just have to wait until one of them runs out of smoke [​IMG].......:eek: another forums smiley in here...[​IMG]....Ahhhhhh I did it again:devious:!! See the urgency of the matter mods ;);), it can wait no longer.

    [​IMG]..........that one is just for fun;):wave:
  9. hahah we need more smoking smileys!

    i love those damn thing lol

  10. patience you must have;)...

    good things come to those who wait
  11. Awww man, I have so little of that stuff but I suppose youre right man, wait I shall with my mouth closed...err rather with my fingers idle:eek:;).

  12. That old chestnut! :poke: ;):wave:

    You made me be patient for two years while I learnt to grow and now you want me to be patient again?! :eek: Waiting is poo. :(

  13. Add this one [​IMG]

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