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Discussion in 'General' started by anson, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. hey, im about to buy some stuff for me and my 2 brothers and, im worried about shipping times and cost.
    Im over here in the states (south carolina) and wanted to know if anyone from sc shopped here before and they knew about how much shipping would cost and how long to take

    im worried because if its going to be 40 bucks shipping ill just go to a headshop down here and get a 30 dollar bong.

    Prices here are astonishing!!!!! dont want to pass it up:hello:
  2. It tells you how much it'll cost when you go to the check out part. It depends though on the cost. If it's over 100$ then the shipping is free though.

    I've bought from here before and Im in Florida. It wasn't too bad for the shipping time, cost was just kinda eh.
  3. Shipping was always free for me and I got everything with in 2 weeks. (california)
  4. AAH, didnt notice. itll be like 10 bucks for me. YAY!!!!!
    40 bucks for a bong, pipe, and stem shipping included. thats going to be off the heezay.
    only problem is smoking out of my piece of crap half melted homemade highlighter pipe for 2 weeks :(
  5. Haha you'll manage mate,

    nice deal, happy tokin'. :)
  6. thanks

    (its always happy tokin when you dont pay for weed :p)

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