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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Sir Breach, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. After 16 years of Catholic education and study:

    I believe that there is a God, Allah, Yahweh, whatever you want to call it; there simply has to be a driving force that put us here in such a perfect cycle and environment. Nature is too perfect not to have been orchestrated.

    I do not believe that anyone has ever communicated with this being. Miracles did not happen, prayer is not a "conversation with God." Prayer simply makes you feel better about yourself and your hopes. Prayer is "answered" by chance.

    I do not believe one bit of the Bible, as the Old Testament is a collection of 2000+ year old fables, similar to Native American legends where the people were trying to figure out how they got here. I do not believe the Gospels are legitimate, as they were written down more than 60 years after Jesus' death and not one gospel writer actually knew him. I believe that Jesus existed but was not the man we all think he was.

    I despise what the Catholic church has been in the past. They have brought suffering, wars, killings, mass murders, blackmail, indulgences, and many other atrocities in the "name of God." The modern Church is ok, they only piss me off when they try to force people to join or bash on gays.

    I HATE religious folk that try to push their beliefs onto others.

    I believe that we all have our own beliefs that we develop throughout life; each is unique and special to that person.

    I believe that looking inwards is better than looking upwards.

    I believe that we are on this Earth to help others. If we are on a higher level of living than another fellow human, it is our obligation to help them reach our point. One day hopefully we can all be on the same plateau, although this will never happen.

  2. I believe this is all just a dream.

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