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GC please help me

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by huynh hoang, Dec 22, 2017.

    1. Okay so I'm going back home to Texas to get married :D My maid of honor is my best friend in the whole wide world, we were neighbors and friends since we were 3.

      She said that she would smoke with me while we are down there (my mom's hooking me up all week long :cool:) Needless to say I'm super excited I've never smoked with her.

      There is only one problem though, she's NEVER gotten high, she says she's tried everything from vaping to edibles to joints and pipes... She claims she inhales properly and everything so I don't understand how she can't get high...

      Has anyone heard of someone like this? Who tries to get high but can't, and she's tried many times... And does anyone have any ideas or tricks we could do to get her high. It sucks for her, she's dating a smoker, and all of her friends smoke, but she just can't get high.

      TLDR : going to smoke with my friend who has tried to get high but can't, she's tried pipes edibles and even vaping but can't get high, any ideas what we could do to help her get high?

  1. let her try a gravity bong, use 0.2/0.3gs if it doesn't get her high she's got something wrong with her lol, I've been smoking nearly 10 years & gravity bongs still fuck me up:confused_2::laughing:
  2. If she's tried to get high but hasn't, she's doing something wrong. Just smoke with her. It will happen with your guidance. Watch her. Some people say they inhale but don't actually do. You can tell. She will cough if she's doing it right.
  3. First of all congrats! As for your friend yes I can believe that, it took me about 7 or 8 times to get stoned and I was smoking properly. Some people’s chemistry is just like that I suppose.

    But when you smoke with her make sure you’re in a private place in case she does get stoned, xD I couldn’t imagine being out and about the first time I got stoned. But make sure she’s doing it right have her take a decent puff and have her hold it on for a minimum of 10 seconds.

    Hope she gets a nice buzz and hope you enjoy your wedding, be safe out there.
  4. She's definitely not inhaling the proper way.
    I started well tried weed in 2016 and swore to everyone i was indeed inhaling the smoke. I WASNT lol.

    My girlfriend who barely smoke weed one day said "hey lets smoke" im like shid okay what i have to lose. This was in 2017 in May. We smoked she was high af & once again i was sober af. So then im like i give up. She like you not inhaling dummy like yes i am

    I watched her closely next thing i know i was mad at myself for not smoking weed sooner

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