Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please help my friend win this it means alot to her. She posted on her fb asking for ppl to vote so I figured id see what I could do. I still remember going over her house when I was young when my mom and hers use to hangout. All you have to do is click the link and to the right of her picture click "vote now". If she wins she gets to be featured in a calendar and goes to alot of cool places in NH for photo shoots and stuff. I know it'd mean alot to her to go on and be like "holy fuck 500 votes in 2 hrs?" so guys if you can take 2 seconds I'd reallly appreciate it and bump this thread if you can please:). C'mon GC, show the world the power of stoners when united:devious:!
  2. Done, hope this gets you laid.
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  3. I tried, won't let me from a cell. If I'm around a computer ill do it. Good luck to her...(and you) lol

  4. voted. and agreed :smoke:
  5. 29th place 78 votes

    I voted ;)
  6. Bump-tidy bump bump, bump bump

    Tap that
  7. Normally I hate these kinds of things so you better get some ass for this
  8. not loading.
  9. I voted..

    Good luck..:D
  10. [​IMG]
  11. voted, and... have you tired hitting that yet?
  12. I think this is his "in"
  13. That Amber Kunitake chick is cheating almost as badly as I am.
  14. I voted because she likes good tv. Hah.
  15. does she smoke weed?

    voted anyways haa. :smoke:
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  16. voted, hope you get laid bro!
  17. Done. Good luck :D
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    i didnt once say i was doing this for pussy but thanks anyway haha. Shes not my type but shes a friend of the family so might as well do what I can right? Thanks again guys and keep voting if u can.

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