GC Legalization Movement (1st vote)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SuicidalSoldier, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. ok guys lets vote.
    where should we hold a meeting?
    MSN or IRC
    whatever gets the most votes between now and whenever we decide to close the vote shall be the one that we use to vote on all aspects of getting this shit underway:hello:
    thanks for listening! now, get your votes in!!!:wave: :D
  2. IRC of course! Bring back the old internet days! Besides, it'll also leave the channel open in case we wanna chat there; have our own server, nice and easy FTPs, some nice bots to allow games, and dude, who here remembers channel takovers and shite? :D
  3. =)
    uhm..the irc channel will always be there anayway :D
    oh, and viva la old skool internet hehehehe
    on another note, sposed to be getn a lil bit of white widow that my friend is growing today at some point cause he was a lil paranoid bout the neighbours seein him passin shit due to circumstances i wont discuss.
    anyways i hope he remembers, says hes had 1 spliff and hes toasted hehe.
    anyways, jus thought id share :)
  4. It really doesn't matter to me... both require I download shit...

    But isn't IRC more traceable?
  5. Dude, I'm game for whatever. . . .

    I seriously wanna get more involved locally and nationally with the legalization of MJ.

    Anybody got any tips on the things that i could od?
  6. We should just use GC, since we are all on at different times. GC is the only way to keep it running smooth - IRC and MSN requires us all to be on at the same time.

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