GC in my dreams! buggin me out!!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. :D this city is making me late for work! ok, my fault the alarm was set for PM stead of AM! who hasnt done that!?? takes me 30min to get into work, but at 10:59 awoken (finally!) by another person in the house, when I have to be in at 11:30! I was dreamin at 10:59 about me being wide awake!, drinking my english morning tea! reading all kinds of posts here in the city! all I see in my dreams, me at my desk , and grasscity windows open all over my screen! like I got aaaaaaaall the time in the world!
    yeah! how fast did I speed to be on time? aaaaaaarg! tooo fast! couldnt be late.! OMG

    as Im writing this, my alarm is going off. omg omg. omg.
    If i didnt know any better, im NOT dreaming now. its so going off righ tnow. omg in 12hrs I have to be up!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  3. I have done that in the last 2 weeks...:D

    The lights went off for about a half hour.. I reset the clock to the right time.. I set the alarm to pm instead of am...

    I have also reset the clock to the wrong am?pm in the past... Lucky me I usually wake up with in 15 minutes if the clock doesn't go off!!

    :D shit happens:D
  4. i set mine on my phone,
    1 because i dont know how to do my new clock
    2 because fone being 24hr clck i cant go wrong

    23.04!! oh my!

  5. That face rocks. :D

  6. rotflmao. You damn stoner. :D

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