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  1. so how is everyone im about to start my 3rd grow and i wanted to order some lovelies from the attitude or somewhere. ive had nirvana swiss cheese, which is skunk 1 and swiss miss genetics and i had kaya gold which im assuming is a sativa because it grows like one.

    SO HERES THE QUESTION im looking to get maybe 3 or 4 different strains particularly in the 7-9 week flowering time<approx> yield not important and neither is difficulty.

    ps i really like creeper weed, u know when it creeps on you and i would love to have a knock your socks off indica
  2. bummmmmp my gf also would like to know about good/or the better of the autoflowering<which im whole heartedly against because i have the space and lighting capabilities of full grown women> but shes impatient, and thats why i must ask
  3. Hey Jersey,

    How was the Kaya Gold from Nirvana? It is a Sativa by the way. I had to decide on wether to get this or go for Nirvana's Jack herer, i went for the Jack, but would love to get some info on how the Kaya worked out. In answer to your question i have a buddy in Hawaii that has been growing a new strain called Golden Nugget from M-seeds.nl which was the most insane smoke i have ever had.
    My last grow was a strain I found when I was in spain last year called Moby Dick, from Dinafem seeds. This was another indica but it has grown well and would definately be classed as a "creeper"

  4. To find a more creeper strain, you need to find one that is high THC and low CBD. Many of the Thai hybrids will fit that description. As for your Indica, you want to find those with high CBD and moderate THC for this is what gives you that knockout punch.

    Most good Indica strains come from Hash making strains, however if you get a good Northern Lights it can be very strong and effective, plus they have great yields. Northern Lights is still regarded as one of the most potent Indica strain in the world. Some other very potent Indica(dominant) strains would be God Bud, Hash Plant, Master Kush, and some of the blueberry varieties.

    For Sativa, I would look into some Haze varieties, Jack Herer, some of the Hawaiian strains, and some of the South African strains like Durban and Swazi.

    You may want to explain to your GF the benefits of keeping a mother and running clones for a continuous harvest. Once you get a couple mothers you really like, you can run clones and harvest every 90, 60, or even 30 days depending on space and how much you smoke. Just something to think about b/c I'm with you on staying clear of the auto strains.
  5. i just finished my easy ryder a week ago and all i can say is it's the best auto flowering plant i've ever tried.. however i have yet to try white russian x lowryder 2 which could also make for some great smoke.. if smells not an issue i hear the lowryder red diesel is a stanky as potent bitch. g'luck with ur grow.
  6. Thanks for your responses. it is all helpful. just smoked my first fully slow dried nug of kaya and it was slammin. very cerebral high, smells exactly like trainwreck and i mean exacttttly but the smoke is slightly more on the head high side. i know it is real trainwreck too and friend of mine grew it. all the suggestions sound great gotta def check out that strain u reccomended from that site TYYYYYYYYY
    PS finally someone agreees with me onthe autos dumb bitch lol

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