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  1. Hi GC.. my fiance left me as of last night and as stupid as this may sound.. my only option seems to be to kill myself. yes.. i am old enough to be here but the day i met m fiance i was going to overdose and she called to stop me.. this was due t so many more problems that are still occuring.. so she stopped me from doing it and we developed a good relationship.. then since then i have been leaning on her when it comes to not killing myself. well now that i lost her... i really have no reason to live and i want to do this.. but at the same time i dont want to hurt all of my friends and family which is why i ask if anyone here can please help me by talking to me or anything else you can do =/ im on the verge of just doing it already.. so please GC can you help me
  2. Don't Do it!
  3. hey man im here to help, would you rather have me pm you or talk to you via this thread?
  4. I know what you're talking about, it seems like your fiance was the only good thing in your life. I've experienced this, and you just need to keep your time occupied, and leave her alone for a few days so she can think everything over. What's really important, don't push her now, you'll get the opposite effect of what you want to accomplish then. And don't kill yourself, there are plenty of reasons to live, think about your family, friends.
  5. There are people, and places you can go to help you get through this man, life may seem unimportant now but you will be glad you didnt do it in the long run. Think of the pain you would bring your family, it if not for yourself do it for them, because I myself have seen first hand the pain a suicide can bring and I have seen it tear families apart.

    I am here to help you with whatever I can man.
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    i forgot to add contact inf im sorry im just not all here right now. you can PM me or get at me on msn DuoMaxwell16@msn.com

    Edit: to everyone whos replied so far.. i have to say thanks. it means allot that a person who i have never met. is willing to talk to me. GC is by far the greatest forum there is out there..
  7. Hey man don't do anything out of desperation killing yourself would not solve anything you would just be dead No more nugs no more getting laid
  8. i have to say despite the fact of being sad this post made me laugh. and again t the GC community.. the quick responses and everything its just great to know people are willing to help. much love to everyone here and i cant tell you all how much this really means.
  9. it's really no worth it to do that to your friends, family and yourself. nothing good will come from it either. you'll get over this part of your life and things can only get better
  10. everybody goes through tough times man. just smoke some herb and think about the good things in life. chase your dreams. if you have the right attitude, you can do anything man.
  11. The fact that you stated yourself you dont want to hurt your family and friends should be reason enough. Do you have any clue what kind of guilt trip you will be putting on them if you killed yourself? They would all be wondering what they did wrong and what they could have done differently. In my opinion, suicide is selfish. All you're thinking about is how miserable YOUR life is. What about how miserable THEIR lives will be when you're gone?

    My 37 yr old cousin just blew her brains out 3 months ago because her husband left her. She barricaded herself in her room, went in her closet and shot herself. Here's the bad part...her 13 yr old daughter was in the other end of the house...heard the gunshot and ran to see what happend. Thank GOD she couldnt get in that room. She went to a neighbor who was able to bust his way in and find her. How you think that little girl is feeling now? Maybe like it's her fault? Maybe like her mom loved a man more than her? Maybe like she wasn't enough reason for her mom to want to live? It's hard to say....but I know she has a long, rough road ahead of her..

    Think about it....dont do it...please...for the sake of those who love you...

  12. i understand that its selfish.. and im not a selfish person which is why i came here in the first place fr help. in the same time im thinking i want to die. i think of all the people i'd hurt and i dont wanna hut nobody
  13. You can't think about not being selfish when you are planning on kill yourself. It is kind of the last stop, so who gives a shit...either way, man..if I was planning on killing myself, GC would be the last place I would turn to. Time to look with in, man, stop trying to lean on people---it is you, it is your decision.
  14. Hey man, all of these are fantastic reasons not to take your own life, but you need to make sure you do it for yourself too. If you feel there's nothing to live for, nothing to hold on to, then make it worth it. If you think there's nothing left for you wherever you're at now, why not try moving? It sounds a little silly, I know. But a fresh change of scenery, some new experiences, meet some new people. Create something worth being there for... Adopt an abused animal that needs you and your love, start a project to keep your mind occupied. Try art - its extremely therapeutic and you can create whatever you feel... Being able to read or listen or view something you've created yourself can really help you to understand your own feelings.

    Above all, get help. Nobody needs to deal with these issues alone and asking us for help is a great start!

  15. I hope you are feelin better. Sometimes we need just one other person to validate our pain and then we can start to let it go.

  16. Im not trying to say that you as a person are selfish. It's the 'act' that is selfish. People care about you...show them you care about them just as much. Hell, the people on here dont even know you, but they care about you too, as a human being...or they wouldnt be posting. We've all been through our own personal hell...you just gotta pick yourself up and keep on moving. It will get better...your life has only just begun...
  17. people like you are fucked up - this guy just needs to hear something positive and you come into this thread and turn the knife

    fucking insensitive jerk - have some neg rep for being so uncaring - let's hope one day you dont need some help

    rant over - OP - it's going to get better - you'll feel much better once you realise that it just wasn't meant to be - that doesnt mean end your life - start a new one - look for the next girl to share your experiences with

    believe me a lot of people feel suicidal when they split up with someone they love so much but it passes - do some exercise or take a jog somewhere - you'll feel better afterwards

    you could call a helpline as well - I know it sounds cheesey but talking to someone who has been in your position is always really helpful

    I hope you are feeling better soon and remember that it's always darkest before the dawn

    take care fella

  18. Looks like somebodies got a bad case of the Thursdays. Don't do it you fucking pussy, God DAMN, Go friggin live with your family so they can cheer you up, go on a trip, smoke weed, fuck bitches man.

    Just don't ever kill yourself. Let it happen the way it's supposed to be. Take life in, like gays take a dick in, don't go around moping and crying, you don't need some retard white chick to keep you alive.

    Now, I hope that was inspirational. Smoke weed every day.

    oh and I love u:love:
  19. allt he positives you all given me has really helped me out. but i got a question fr this poster. how did you knw she was white?

    and t the other posters.. i really appreciate the help.. its made me think a bit differently on how i take things that come at me in.
  20. My friend.. Only white girls desert you for almost no reason at all. Any foriegn girl respects their husbands as their husbands respect them. I'm brown, trust me bro, I know.

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