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  1. ok so me and this girl where best friends for like 3 years and at one point i liked her and she liked me unfortuantly then i didnt have the balls to ask her out so last friday i asked her out and didnt say anything so i was like freakin out cause i love her so much and would die for her, so my friend(her best friend) tells me she loves me too as more than a friend but like is weird and shit so i was still freakin out at the point so i went to my friends we musta smoked 5 grams and it woulda been a good high cept the weed just intensified my thoughts for her and now i feel like shit wenever i try talkin to her its just not the same like we went back to not knowing who we are and its just killing me what do i do how do i fix my problem and at least how can i save the friendship
    plz respond kinda desperate here
    btw i know its kinda random and might not make sense im baked as fuck:smoking:
  2. I know the feeling... First thing you gotta do is relax... You're thinkin about it too much, and it's making it awkward for the both of you. Try just spending more time with her... Go out places together... Take walks and shit... If there's anything there it'll develop over time...
  3. i agree i had the same experience last time about christmas i was going crazy for her i know its hard not to think about someone when u love them but all u can do is just try to chill with her just dont over do it, u got to give her space to
  4. ahh i know what you mean, this is so hard.. but just try to take it slow and not think about it too much like the guys ahead of me have said.. ahh i hate that feeling thoughh
  5. This is quite the tricky thing mate, right now it looks like it going to be really weird for the both of you for a while, but DONT LOSE CONTACT WITH HER! Then you will lose your friend, you have done ALL that you can do, and the right way, you told your best friend how you really felt about her, thats being a really good honest man, the next move is up to her.

    Don't move on with your days as if nothing happened, but at the same time don't preasure her to love you. My BEST advice to give to you. Impress the living shit out of her. Like invite a large group of people to the movies, or something, you plan something big, everyone comes, all excited to see you, and everyone else (if your out of HS) and you just shoot the shit with everyone, while including her in the convos, she will see how everyone thinks your awesome and really nice, and while all thats going on, she will think in her head how social and nice you are.

    Another option, take her aside, tell her you still ment what you said the other day, and that you really like her, but you don't want it to affect your friendship if she doesn't feel the same way, ask her to not be scared to tell you if she doesn't like you. Most of the time in these situations the other person will fear how their reaction will affect the other person, so they won't really say anything. But it doesn't sound like the case, seeing as her best friend told you that she loves ya more then a friend.

    Patience is the key in this mate. It's not something thats going to happen in a single day, a really good relationship takes time to evolve. And I think the two of you, starting as best friends, are going to end up as a couple, and a very good one. Hell if she didn't like you she wouldn't hang out with you for 3 years! So you gotta be doing something right heh.

    Just hang tough, keep your head up high, don't sulk and be all "Oh my god i'm freaking out!" She wants a MAN, not a little boy hehe. Show her a man, be tough, be brave, be social, be cool, be lovable, and be yourself most of all, because when you are, she will see why she likes you, and now you opened up the window of relationship. :) Shit will turn out fine I bet.
  6. thanx man thats really gives me sum ideas and a lotta confidence i love grass city and all of us on it

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