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  1. hey bladez,

    i've been smoking blunts exclusively for a while now. i usually buy midgrade weed so blunts are a viable option. as much as i love smoking a blunt filled with high quality mj (which i buy now that i have a job) i feel like i'm wasting a lot of it by burning it in a blunt.

    i have opted to smoke mids in blunts and smoke dank in a pipe. i need to buy a pipe but there are no shops near me so i'm looking to get one online. i was torn between a bong and a glass hand pipe so i decided to get a bubbler.

    i have found 2 bubblers that are in my price range i would be interested in buying. one is from the gc shop and the other is from a competitor who shall remain nameless.

    i'm not sure which one to buy. they both look nice. i want to buy the one from gc because i want to be loyal buy at the same time the one from the other site has a nicer design by a recognized company.

    the gc pipe looks like it would hit really well and has a large area for smoke to accumulate. the only flaw according to customer comments was that it had a rather small bowl. the other pipe as i said earlier has a nicer design but it dosn't look like it has that much space for smoke accumulation and it doesn't appear to have a large water reservoir. so tell me what you guys think.

    (the first pic is the GC pipe and the second is the competitor pipe)

    btw, they both cost about the same amt but gc's shipping cost is much higher

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  2. Id go with the competitors pipe, as for home much smoke it can hold why not keeping breathing in when the pipes full? i always have:(i dont have much pipe experience though
  3. buy the first one. Looks like it would actually work lol.
  4. deffinitly the second one.
  5. the 2nd one nothing againt GC just like the design better

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