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Discussion in 'General' started by starcecil, May 23, 2010.

  1. Sounds legit enough to get the word out but how many people are really buying into it?

    Facebook has many security issues as of late and there are many pending investigations into illegal privacy breaches which stem from the code not from hackers.

    Dont really know the point to this thread but I thought I'd just say, adding grasscity on facebook seems like a bad idea at this point - Anything you post to your facebook immediately becomes property of facebook and they can do w/e they want with it - and they have been handing over information by the fistfuls to the feds without search warrants.

    The other day I was on some random ass website wasn't even logged on to facebook but the nets being smart like they are today it knew who I was and even showed a brief overview of me at the bottom of the page where you could post to facebook - be careful :cool:

    Of course those staying where MJ is legal it may not be an issue but for those in the states with or even without MMJ it just seems like a bad idea, sorry GC ; ;
  2. Same reason I didn't add it. People get busted all the time for the shit they post on their facebook accounts, I wouldn't put it past them to tap your phone line because you have GC on your page.
  3. They can only bust you if you have pictures of you doing something. It isnt illegal to have GC friended.

    Though the whole thing is fucking stupid. I cant believe Facebook allowed this. They had to know it was going to kill them.
  4. Well, since not everyone I know is enlightened to bud or knows I smoke it, I'd rather not give them the idea that I do. Pass.

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