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  1. So Iive in the New England Area and have been a medical patient for 3 years now and I have only grown 1-3 planta indoors under LEDs. Ive learned a lot over the past 5 years from this sight and local growers/caregivers. My past two grows Ive used FoxFarms bottled nutes along with promix (with myrcohaz-) with unsatisfying yields. This year I want to stay away from the bottles nutes and use a more natural alternative, that being said one of my local caregivers has a vortex tea brewer (very knowledgable lad, he brews the teas according to temp/humidty/weather etc, based on our location and he grows some FIRE) and hook me up with as much as I need at 5$ a 1g ( dlites into 5g water ) jug. So heres what I'm working with ---

    Soil - Promix HP
    Additives : 30% Grade 3 Perlite
    5% EWC
    .5% Bat Guano

    Water base : well water/spring water
    Light : Good Old New England SunLight

    All plants are clones other than 1
    Strains that havent been tried outdoors from the caregivers I got them from : Jedi Kush, Super Silver Haze, Caramel Candy Kush

    Strains tried and true : Moose and Lobster, M.O.B, PineApple Chunk, Blue Lemon Thai, Kasey Jones, Delilah Haze,
    One plant from seed is 9lb Hammer X Space Candy

    Heres some pictures 1499372796337.jpg heres the 5 BLTs recovering from avid burn for mites (mites are gone)
    Heres tw Jedi Kushs
    Heres what I call the SPACE HAMMER 1499373000498.jpg
    Here the Pineapple Chunk with 2 moose n lobsters in the background 1499373103630.jpg

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  3. 1:SuperSilver haze. 2: Kasey Jones. 3: CaramelCandy Kush 4: delilah.Haze (center) 5: Jedi Kush. 6: round pots are BLTs square pots and moose and lobstera last Space hammer

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