GAZA is isolated from the rest of the world

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  1. Internet, land line, cell phone, all forms of communications have been cut off since about yesterday. There aren't any news sources for this but check twitter. I have read on ATS that people have tried to call in with no luck. There is seriously something wrong.

    EDIT: Apparently they are saying that a bulldozer "accidentally" cut off communications :rolleyes:
  2. No one cares bro
  3. i care. thats fucked up.
  4. The world doesn't care.

    Well, for jews maybe, but people die everyday.
  5. Maybe they had an insurgency of 20,000 American troops :D
  6. I'm gonna go with the "nobody cares" route.

    Nobody cares.

    Edit- well I kinda care.
    But no one else does.

  7. I do, I think its pretty interesting how it's just been, "cut off" from society.
  8. I'll be honest, idk what the fuck a Gaza is. Unless its sour and chewy, it's probably not that good of a food
  9. Hahaha it's not a food. It's a Palestinian city in the Gaza Strip, population of about 450,000.
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    Hahaha. Made me laugh so hard. +rep

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