Gays Against Gay Marriage

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    Some food for thought..

    ...Frankly, as a member of the LGBT, I used to support gay marriage. That was .. until I realized I wasn't a 'member' of the LGBT 'community', simply because there is no such thing.

    Do blue-eyed people have a 'blue-eyed community'? Do deaf people have a 'deaf-community'? I know that some do, but isn't that just self-discrimination in a way? Isn't that kinda like a worker-men's club? Do you speak on behalf of all gay people, or only the ones who dress like this and that?

    Based on my recent observation, the LGBT 'community' has become more of a religious sect than any actual human rights movement. We already have more opportunities and rights than anywhere else in the world, and yet some of 'us' are still not happy. Why even create a third gender .. when the whole point of gender is to identify one subset of organisms who create the eggs, and another subset of organisms that fertilizes them? How would a third gender fit into that picture?

    Even transsexuals aren't happy being labeled as a Third gender as far as i'm concerned.. they usually desire to be one or the other. There's people who are Gender-queer, but that's still not a third gender .. that's just an individual whose self-image exhibits a mixture of the two genders. That's where I'm afraid both liberals and conservatives got everything mixed up, till the shit hit the fan .. and gay and trans people lost more rights than they gained.. just because of a pissy, petty debate about definitions and pro-nouns .. giving rise to the Alt-right .. and hate groups beyond our worst nightmares, hell-bent on trying to undo the progressive changes brought upon by the previous administrations ..

    So should gay people be allowed to marry? Well, the thing is . . there's a thing called civil unions, which gay people are already allowed to participate in. Marriage is more of a religious dominion.. and to have the state force religions to invite individuals to their ceremonies would be complete violation of the separation of church and state, something Libertarians should take note of.

    The state DOES and SHOULD have the authority to stop religious organizations from violating the rights of others, and causing them actual harm ... however, preventing some people from getting married isn't causing them any actual harm.. any more than a business owner refusing to hire somebody, simply because they don't want to hire that individual .. or a house-owner asking someone to stop their dog from shitting on their front lawn.

    If a church wants to decide to accommodate gay people, that should be entirely up to the church, of course.. so it's really not a government issue, it's more of a religious community / private property issue. Religious communities are a private property / business, in a way, and it's up to them to sort their internal affairs out.

    And frankly.. this whole shaving-one-side-of-your-head... dying your hair green .. wearing lobe-gauging ear-rings that make you look like Dumbo the Elephant.. and then walking out in the streets with a leather g-string with a bunch of pink feathers ..... well, do it in Carnival, but just don't make it about Me.

    Me? I just wanna be me. A normal skirt and lipstick-wearing lady with long hair.. who may end up dating another normal, skirt-and-lipstick wearing lady. Kids? I don't know about kids, adoption seems to be the lesser-of-two evils.. helping a lonely kid out, as opposed to bringing more children to this already over-populated world .. but ideally if one is going to procreate, then the child should have a father and a mother who love each other and are serious about staying together and not divorcing.

    And yeh, that's another problem with marriage these days.. too many damn divorces, children ending up with single mothers and then growing up with issues (like I did!) .. but that's another topic of debate. :cool:

    So yeah, all in all .. it's not about supporting or not supporting gay marriage .. it's about thinking about what marriage actually means, and whether the government should stick its finger in the cake or not. And whether couples should have an advantage over single people in a society in terms of government-handouts.
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  2. I'm neither for or against gay marriage. Put simply it's no business of the state, nor mine as to peoples lifestyle choices.
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  3. I'm neither for or against gay marriage. Put simply it's no business of the state, nor mine as to peoples lifestyle choices.
  4. You should probably clarify, since you seem to be very interested in US affairs, (as are a lot of people not from here..) is the references towards state and government meant to be about NZ, or the US?
  5. The whole world?
  6. Well laws vary greatly, and so do the capabilities of the variety of governments..
  7. I should add ... the real oppressed class of today, the real losers in this whole marriage debate .....

    Are ...

    Single People. :(

  8. Duplicate.
  9. You know I'm not kidding when I agree with huffington post ..

    The Other Marriage Discrimination | HuffPost

    Singleness is on the rise in the United States. According to the 2010 census, nearly 100 million Americans eighteen and over (43.6 percent) are unmarried, and of these, 61 percent have never been married. While of course not all unmarried or never married people are single by choice, many of them are. For example, a 2006 Pew survey found that 55 percent of single people are uninterested in finding a partner.

    Despite these positive consequences of singleness, research also reveals many negative attitudes directed at single people. A study by social psychologists Bella de Paulo and Wendy Morris revealed that single people were viewed more negatively across a wide spectrum of personality traits. For example, married people were more likely than singles to be described as mature, stable, honest, happy, kind, and loving; singles were more likely to be called immature, insecure, self-centered, unhappy, lonely, and ugly. A different study by Morris found that married people were described as caring, kind, and giving by almost 50 percent of respondents, while only 2% percentsaid the same of single people.

    Research also suggests that bias against single people affects actions, not only beliefs. For example, a series of studies of housing rentals found that when presented with a choice between married and unmarried renters who had the same occupation, hobbies, and other characteristics, 80 percent of people chose to rent to a married couple, 12 percent to a cohabiting couple, and 8 percent to a pair of friends.
    Likewise, a study found that participants rated a male job applicant as more “suitable” if he was married and rated a male employee as more dedicated if he was married. (The opposite was true for women, which suggests that in some instances, perhaps due to stereotypes about gender and childrearing, women suffer a marriage penalty. This is also an important issue that I don’t wish to undermine, although it’s not my focus in this column.)
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  11. Long time no see Ted! :smoke:
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  12. Cheers old bean. Had a lot of heat, snooping laws meant had to be careful with my internet traffic. Things have calmed down now though and I no longer grow so have ventured back for some guerilla tips.
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  13. People really need to analyze what the question is and should be.

    Does the state have the authority to dictate what two individuals can do with each other so long as they arent violating anyones rights?

    Should there be any perks for being married?

    Should the state be involved in marriage at all?

    Should there even be a state?

    Should there be tax breaks for married couples?



    The state has usurped individual liberty and turned it into a nanny state where you must ask permission to do just about everything.

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  14. There are many LGBT people who don't believe in the institution of marriage for various reasons. It's antiquated, it was essentially created for straight people (i.e. man marries woman), it's a money gimmick, they may be poly, etc.
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  15. Lots of truth there.

    One of the most visible aspects of leftists identity politics, is the co-opting of special groups of people for their own purposes.
    They claim to speak for all women, for all minorities, all gays, etc. Any dissent of free thinkers is instantly attacked as being treason to the group. Individualism will not be tolerated.
  16. I should add: The alt-right isn't exclusive to America .. it's a pest that is infecting the whole world, as seen in Brexit, Marie Le Pen, Geert Wilders, etc. Even New Zealand is starting to parrot the alt-right.

    I could never be alt-right .. I'm against putin, I don't particularly like Anime, or my little pony.... Pepe is okay, but he wasn't originally the Racist Frog.

    If anything, I'm more of an alt-left .. alt-lib. Libertarian in search of pragmatism as well as moral consistency. :cool:
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  17. What has Brexit got to do with the alternative right?
  18. What has Brexit got to do with the alternative right?
  19. They claim it as a victory in their frog spawn soaked cartoon world.

    Well Ted, good to see you back ya bastard. :)
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  20. Isn't is just marriage? I don't go the gay bathroom, I don't eat gay food... It irritates me that is called gay marriage. However I am an asshole.
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