gay night

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  1. so my freinds and i (x and b) are eating at pepperjaxs or however you spell it, we got nad pickup his 2 bongs from this othwer k9id that was borrowing them. we finally get to my friends x house to chnage his shirt.

    B asked if had any and i geuss he wasnt listeing but i said yea and my pipe. so this kid named jim was gunna hook me up on some kine bud so we all drove to bakers a few miles up the road.

    we get ther and jim and i r bout to go pickup and i grab my pipe and weed, and ther both like you didnt tell us you had weed,a nmd i was like yea i did, and ther like no you didnt. so i was like fine watever...than x says can you just leave ur pipe and weed here for us :mad:( what the fuck! i smoke them out alot and now ther just asking to take a sack and my pipe wen they never resmoke me out and x never buys any in his life just mouches)

    so im like no cuz jim will pay a few and drove me across town to pickup so i was fine with that. so we pick up and the dealer smokes us out a bowl and we smoke two more lol. so i call them and ther like well wer going bs house. and i didnt want to just invite myself so i kinda waited. (x said he would call me in a bit so 2 hrs later i re call him)

    he says well let me tlak to b, and he said well and gunan stutters on the phone and siad no you cant. so i was like hmm. and x said b says pay back is a so i kinda got pissed cuz they wanted to smoke my sack so i was like fuck you if thats all you want

    bad night lol
  2. i dont know what the fuck you just said little kid, but you special man, you reached out and touched a brothers heart!
  3. ghahhaha yea dude sorry it didnt make to much sense haha
  4. Your obviously under 18, because senior year, you learn how to use BASIC GRAMMER. You just make yourself look like a foul. And who gives a fuck if they wanna smoke your sack. Tell them to fuck off, or buy their own shit. None of my friends would try and pull any of that bullshit.
  5. first settle down second most kids here turn 18 in late summer me turning 18 on the 15th of july and if u want proof ill show you fucking proof, and yes i know i registered underaged but now i am of age.

  6. I didn't get the point of the story. When did you go gay?
  7. what are you talking about i never went gay....? my freinds only wanted me to stick around so they could steal my weed
  8. They don't really sound like "friends" to me. I'd suggest looking for some new ones.
  9. He went gay when he sucked dick for weed.
  10. i totally agree, this dude need to stand up for himself infront of his friends. he doesnt have to be a dick, but he has to be serious and not back down. you cant let anyone do that, escpecially your friends, cause if they get mad at you for something like this, u kno what kind of friends they are.
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    Oh, the irony.

    That's a hell of an ego you have there, son. Did it ever occur to you that he may be very stoned or otherwise intoxicated? Or maybe he just types too fast. Using bad grammar isn't an "obvious" sign that he's underage. Plus, you made multiple errors yourself, so you may want to go back to school before ragging on other people about their grammar and spelling. Smooth move.

  12. Telling me to put on my seatbelt while he speeds into a brick wall. :hello:
  13. man your friends sound like douchebags
  14. lol, he misspelled grammar.
  15. Always spell check when crafting an insult. :poke:

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