Gay Marriage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mist425, May 30, 2009.

  1. I've been thinking more about it lately since the CA supreme court ruled to uphold Prop. 8...

    To me it's pretty simple:

    Gay people are gay simply because that's the natural sexual desire that they possess. The way I like women is the way a gay man likes men. People sometimes say 'it's a choice'. I don't believe it's any more of a choice for a gay man not to be gay than it is for a straight man to be straight. Sure, a gay person could conceal their homosexuality, but what does that do except destroy their own life and whoever else they involved in their facade? I do not believe anyone is gay because it's 'hip' to be that way.

    Denying homosexuals the rights that come with heterosexual marriage is therefore discriminatory. I see it as no different than denying two black people the same rights that whites have in marriage.

    Call it what you want; I realize that the term 'marriage' automatically gives the ultra-religious an extreme desire to talk about how 'sanctified' the institution is and how we as a society can't let it get all fagged up by including homosexuals. Whatever... Why not just give civil unions the same rights (as in all the rights) granted in heterosexual marriages?

    Anyone got an opinion?
  2. I believe Homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality.
    If one looks back at our history they would see that Homosexuals have been in existence for just as long as Heterosexuals. The Ancient Greeks were very well known for their widespread disregard for this Societal Stigma that we have today. They would have sex with men and women, and they didnt see a problem with it.

    I am a firm believer that to arrive at the most fair decision for a particular matter, we have to disregard the social norms/values that we have come to accept as "Right & Wrong" and put ourselves in their shoes, so to speak.
    I am about as Straight as you can get, but have absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that there is a very large portion of people in our world who don't like the things that i like, ie. the opposite sex.

    We do not live in a free world, and this is demonstrated by every problem in our world today.
    We must demand this, as this is our world, not the governments'.
    I welcome differences, as this is how Humanity grows.

    If everyone just sat down, had a joint, and talked about it, we would be doing great.
  3. My opinion is that this solution is so simple any idiot could see it. The fact that it isn't discussed shows that they want to keep this non-issue at the forefront of the political debate.

    Imagine how hard it would be for the two parties to differentiate themselves if they had to focus on things like foreign and economic policy.

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