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  1. Im not exactly sure if this is the right board for this but ill give it a shot.

    How does everyone on here feel about gay marriage? Im not gay, but i think its cool that theyre starting to get their rights because after all this country is about freedom and equality. Here in Mass we have this moron for govener, Mitt Romney. He doesnt want same sex marriages, and put an article in the Wall Street journal pretty much saying that gay couples shouldnt even be viewed as real couples at all, with things like single people do not get these benefits, why should same sex couples? and we need to preserve this benefits for the traditional couples of america, because those are the ones who are going to bring up traditional families that will keep this country the way it needs to be.

    Dumbass. I think, theyre people to let them do what they want. And i also think if gay marriage becomes legal everywhere (which it eventually will) this is a pretty big step for even marijuana legalization, because people will start to become more accepting of others (hopefully) and see that times are changing. Also, there seems to be a continuing movement of new liberties in this country, from slavery to womens rights now to this, and each one of these problems that are fixed, we (weed smokers) get moved up in line to get our freedom.
  2. People who say that two consenting adults who love each other isn't a healthy relationship are in all honesty fucking morons. People are people - it makes ABSOLUTELY no difference what sex they are when it comes to things like providing a healthy family life.

    Some common arguments by anti-gay-marriage idiots:

    1. "They can't reproduce."
    No shit, Sherlock. What about the thousands and thousands of impotent, old, or otherwise sterile heterosexual couples. By that logic, marriage can only last as long as you're having children, after which it should immediately be anulled. Ask your grandparents (or parents) how they feel about that one.

    2. "The Bible says it's wrong."
    You know, a hundred years ago, people were quoting passages from the Bible proclaiming beyond a shadow of a doubt that black people are the devil and don't count as real human beings. Funny how you never hear people quote those passages anymore...You know, if you want to find an out-of-context passage in the Bible to support your stupid beliefs, at least have the balls to realize it's YOUR interpretation of the Bible and take the responsibility for being a homophobic asshole without pinning it on a book. Soddom and Gommorah wasn't about gay people anyway -- God killed all those people because, (in the classic Old Testament style) he thought they weren't worshipping him enough. Stop reading too much into these stories and don't blame the Bible for your own shortcomings.

    3. "The thought of gay people having sex or kissing is gross."
    Yeah, well, the thought of two ugly people having sex or kissing is plenty gross, but unfortunately there's no law forcing married couples to be attractive enough so your stupid ass will allow them to love each other. What happens between two consenting adults is NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS. If you think it's gross, then don't have sex with or kiss someone of the same sex. Simple as that. But keep your bullshit to yourself.

    4. "If we legalized gay marriage, we would also have to legalize bestiality, incest, pedophilia, and polygamy!"
    First of all, polygamy should be legal if all of the parties are consenting. It just isn't a good idea because 90% of those relationships end up with the third person feeling excluded or jealous of the other two. But if you agree to it, nobody should be allowed to stop you. Second, bestiality is completely different from homosexuality for a key reason: consent. Animals cannot in any way provide consent for a sexual relationship. When a cow can say, "I will consent to this sexual relationship, Farmer Joe", we'll talk. Until then, bestiality is still immoral. Now, pedophilia. The issue, again, is consent. Different states define the "age of consent" as one thing or another, but all of them fall between about 16 and 18. There is no magic time when you're suddely able to give consent, but there's a qualitative difference between two 19 year olds engaging in a consensual sexual relationship and a 10 year old telling a 50 year old the same thing. As for guys get the picture. All of these things are not related to homosexuality, and are merely included in this sorry excuse by people who equate homosexuality with sexual deviency.

    If anybody else would like to provide a good reason for why they oppose gay marriage without resorting to bullshit ideas like these, please let me know. I have yet to see an intelligible argument against the right of two consenting adults to marry. (Actually, there's one exception. If you TRULY are a fundamentalist Christian who believes every SINGLE word of the Bible as law and actually follows every SINGLE word of the Bible, then you can hide behind the "Soddom and Gomorrah" story and be justified. But the number of people who this actually applies to is...very very very small.)
  3. I think the argument that Dubya and a lot of conservatives use that we have to 'protect the sanctity of marriage' is the worst kind of bs. As if allowing any particluar group of people to do what billions of others do on a regular basis would be hurting anyone else. Not to mention that marriage doesn't mean that much anymore anyway--if what they're saying is true then we should also outlaw divorce and adultery.

  4. ditto man. on everything.
  5. i think they should be legal... love is love.
  7. Well, im in FAVOR. :D there has been a lot of speculation on how same sex marriage would be great for the economy
  8. and about incest.. if a brother and a sister consent to have sex. or a mother and a son. or whatever...

    i don't think that should be illegal. i mean.. i've seen this program before about a tribe in africa who only reproduce within their own. they've done it forever and they all have wierd shaped feet with only two toes.

    but that doesn't mean it should be illegal. who cares if your next door neighbours are all taking part in incest?

    if people want to use christianity to say it's wrong then ask yourself this:

    if adam and eve only had two sons, then where did the rest of the human race come from?

    eve must have been a busy woman!
  9. and just to clarify. i'm not, and never have taken part in incest.

    unless you count breastfeeding.
  10. Ok.....the part about incest-that has a reasonable explanation. Have you ever heard of those cut-off valleys or tribes? Inbreeders, the whole gang. And full of inherited diseases and mental illnesses.

    Not a good idea.

    About the gay marriages---go for it! Man, if all those loving couples are allowed to adopt....we could save half the earths hungring and lonely children.
  11. Ok....I just realized you've heard of the tribes. But do you really think that is a good idea? I work in one of those mental hospitals and when I hear about inbreed I automatically think low IQ

  12. thats like punishing the kids dude. i know i wouldnt fucking want 2 toes. i like my 5 toes on each foot just fine. And im pretty happy with my pretty high intelligence.

  13. EXACTLY...couldn't have said it better myself.
  14. They have gay priests and have also had their fair share of pedophiles in the church.I do think incest should be illegal though no matter if its a tribal or culture thing.Same as female circumcision it's fucking barbaric.There are some fucked up beliefs out there.
  15. i didn't say incest was a good idea. i just think what people do in their own home is up to them. and if that means that a whole family have sex with eachother in their own home, then so be it.

    but yeah... if i was taking part in incest, i wouldn't have kids in that sort of relationship. i agree, it's pretty out of order to have a kid, knowing well enough it might be a mutant.

    i generally think most laws are wrong.

    the only laws you need are: no killing, no stealing, and no raping.
  16. okei i think that gay's shouldnt marry cause theyr gay, lol how da hell same sex people can have children its ridiculous so therefore they should be sent to an island and left there.
    like us stoners to one big island full of PLANTS !!!

    i am not in favor of it at all...
  17. There are loads of kids in care though and if a gay couple can offer a child a loving,safe home then why not.I think we are over populated anyway.
  18. would you like to have two dudes as your parents...
    me personaly fuck no
  19. I could care less if my parents were the same long as they loved me, supported me, didn't abuse me.

    I agree that the child would probly have to deal with a lot of stigmatism in school, and that could be very hard. But i don't see that as any reason to outlaw, or not allow gay marriage either. Kids are cruel to each's a right of passage.

    I can't beieve that anti-gay marriage people would care so little about abandoned or orphaned children as to not allow them to be in a home surrounded by love. You can't put a lable on's impossible.

  20. You sound damn near close to not being human. Sent to an island? So what if they cant have kids? Theres plenty of straight people who cant have kids, and theres plenty of people having kids they dont want. Better them live in a gay and loving house :)P yes the pun was intended, sorry i had too) than out of the streets, is it not?

    Maybe you should smoke a few bowls and then think about this. It might clear up your view a little.

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