Gay Civil Rights

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  1. This is the last major civil rights movement. What do you guys think?

    Go to Wikipedia and look up the Stonewall Riot and the White Night Riot and see if that doesn't get your blood boiling.
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  6. Haha, I save my riddles for my Billy Goats :)

    But really, what is trolling?

    I just wanted to see how people felt about this in the best counter-culture community.

    After reading about the White Night Riots and the Stonewall Riot it really got my mind working and my blood boiling
  7. A troll is sort hard to explain. It's basically someone who posts random stupid shit just to get replies, or they spam, but not really spam. I can't explain it.
  8. Haha, well I am definitely not trolling or spamming or trying to get replies or anything. It's just that I'm gay and from Texas and about to move to San Francisco. Well in the process of looking at San Francisco, I found all these links to several interesting things. Like did you know:

    - That the Nazi's imprisoned approximately 50,000 people for being homosexual in concentration camps? (They also imprisoned the anti-social)

    - After WWII it was illegal to serve alcohol to gay people.

    - There use to be laws prohibiting gay people from having sex or even dancing together

    - The refusal of states (like my beloved Texas) to recognize same-sex marriage states is inherently unconstitutional, as it violates the Full Faith and Credit clause

    - Look up Adelphopoiesis. It was a ceremony performed by the Eastern Orthodox Church similar to marriage for same-sex

    Just lots of this stuff that me, myself, being a member of the homosexual community didn't know. I'm a pothead and I love my smoking community, and just today I have been made aware that I also belong to another community, and I sort of feel bad for neglecting it all this time.

    I've written countless letters and e-mails, gathered signatures, and gone to rallys for marijuana, but never for gay civil rights. It is crazy.
  9. Im sorry:p
  10. Haha I know. And I'm not quiet about it either. I mean I'm not flamboyant, wrist-flipper, but I will straight up tell someone, and in Texas... haha probably not the best way to approach it.

    But our community (smokers) know the discrimination and prejudice imposed by our twisted "democracy" so I was wondering how you guys felt about this.

  11. :hide:

    Jk More women for me :)
  12. I live in Houston and I have to say people around here are pretty accepting. I had a good friend in HS that was a lesbian. Sad part was I had a crush on her
  13. I don't think gay rights is the last civil rights movement for the US.

    Reason is, civil rights is an ongoing thing. Did the suffrage movement absolutely make women equal? No, not by a long shot. Did the civil rights movement of the 60s make blacks absolutely equal? No, not even close. Did the Equal Rights Amendment get added on to the Constitution? Nope.

    Until we can look past our social constructs of race and gender differences (besides the obvious sex-organ differences) we will never have an end to the push for equal rights, for any people.

    I think the gay rights movement is just the most recent incarnation of the overall equal rights movement. We have a long road ahead of us until all people are truly equal, both in the eyes of the law and the eyes of the populace, unfortunately.
  14. True stuff. Good post!

    Also, OP, if you haven't, watch the new film called Milk. It's about gay rights activist Harvey Milk and everything he did in San Fransisco and the rest of the states. Amazing film. You'd appreciate it. Also, for more information, there was a documentary made about him that if I'm not mistaken, is still available on
  15. as a lesbian i care very much about gay civil rights. i just don't post about it because alot of negative shit comes out of people when getting into a heated discussion about gay rights.
  16. I don't understand why peopple accused you of trolling at first but whatever...
    Welcome to the GC community.

    As for myself, I'm a politically-minded person and it just pisses me off any time I see any injustice in the world. Same-sex marriage is a tiny issue in my mind compared to, say, either war in the mid-east, the economic collapse, or even the war on drugs, but I am still passionate about it nonetheless.

    I've gotten into arguments with people on the politics board and the S&P board over gay marriage. It just blows my mind how some people don't understand that marriage is none of the government's business, and there is NO logical reason that homosexuals shouldn't be able to marry each other.
  17. Unfortunately I don't think we will ever be equal in the eyes of the populace, and if so it is centuries away. But Sourdieselchick you should never be quiet because of negativity. That is how they keep us from progression.

    And to the person who said it is less of an issue, I can admit that the lives of people is more important, but also this isn't only about gay people, it is about equal rights in general.
  18. He never said that it's less of an issue, he said that it occupies a lower place in his mind than some other issues, which makes sense. Everybody looks at different social issues with varying degrees of interest or desire for activism.
  19. /Thread.

    Marriage is about love. Not something the Government should be able to dig their dirty hands into just like everything else in this country.
  20. I'm not gay, but I'm with this guy.

    [ame=]YouTube - Keith Olbermann- Gay marriage is a question of love.mp4[/ame]

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