Gave my girlfriend cold sores....fml

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  1. So I've been dating my girlfriend for a year now.  Love this girl to death and I can't really see myself without her.  I've never cared about someone so much in my life.  Last week she complained about pain in her groin area and swollen lymph nodes.  Her family has a history of cancer and other rare medical diseases in women so I urged her to go to the doctor.  It took until Tuesday for her to finally make an appointment.  They suggested she may have an STD and ran a wide variety of tests.  My girlfriend has grilled me for the last several days constantly because she was a virgin before she met me.  Shes been in and out of moods and then finally an hour ago the doctors office called her in to discuss the results...which obviously isn't good.  It turns out I've given her HSV-1 (Cold Sores) in her genital area....I have no STD.....but I gave her cold sores in her vaginal area.  I've always been super careful.  Shes only let me go down on her 3x since we started dating anyway...I have no idea what to do.  She told me not to come see her tomorrow or to talk to her anymore.  Her mother lives down the street from me and I'm sick to my stomach right now....I've always been safe with sex my entire life, but I've had cold sores on my lip since before I can remember.  I get them like once a year like 75% of the world does, but my girlfriend has never had them and it turns out she was extremely susceptible to my cold sores anywhere on her body :///.  I feel like dying.  Any advice? 

  2. Herp a derp...
  3. its not your fault she shoud've thought about that before she got sexually ingaged with you. relax man, its not like u purposely gave this to her either. if she cant forgive you, forget her.
  4. Her and her mother aren't going to feel like that.  If I don't respond to this thread in 6 hours i've literally been killed by her parents....I'm sure they are just now getting the news...god this sucks.
  5. shes probably been sleeping around and is trying to blame her herps on you
  6. Have you been tested yet?
  7. shittttt, sticky ass situation. you weren't fucking around with dirty hoes behind her back right? just from regular old lip sores? that sucks really bad, for you and her. now she got herpes for life an you gave it to her with out knowing. you didn't do it in purpose but still.
    id be mad ass all hell too i feel wheres shes coming from but she can't hate you for it, but you did kind of fuck her for life. actually idk how i would handle this situation cause thats fucked up haha. if you guys break up now she has to find a dude willing to fuck herp vagina, but its easier for you cause lots of people have cold sores. she sure got the short end of the stick.. damnn.

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    You're telling me that you don't have herpes... but you gave her herpes? Is that even possible?
    Something's telling me this isn't your fault, if you know what I mean.
    Edit: Or am I misinterpreting that line?
  9. I've got an appointment for monday.  I can't really be tested for something I dont have symptoms for though.  I've had cold sores on my lip from when I was really little like most of the world.  I've never had anything in my genital area though.  Its extremely unlikely to have hsv-1 in both areas because the body already has a reserve of anti-bodies from dealing with it in the lip area.
    I believe cold sores can be spread via mouth to genital contact, even if it has literally just resurfaced (or even just about to go away) and is near impossible to see.
  11. story sounds a little fishy... usually herpes doesn't enter an exclusive relationship
  12. Its a complicated situation.  Most people in the world have HSV-1 on their lip area.  She didn't so she had no immunity to it.  Its extremely rare for that strain of herpes to be caught in the groin area, but it happens.  its much more likely to happen when you don't have it in the lip area.  It is my fault, but I took every precaution.  I've had many many girlfriends in my 22 years and this has never happened.
    That's quite the predicament dude. I'm sorry. I know what it's like to be in a tough situation with a girl you really care about.
    Hope this gets sorted out between you two and her family.
  14. Cold sores are a version of herpes, its simplex 1 I believe, and simplex 2 is the more serious one that people get on genitals, at least thats usually how is it.
  15. my ex got cold sores and never gave them to me through bjs or anything..sounds highly unlikely and only 3 times make it even more unlikely...just sayin
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    It doesn't matter if you took "many" precautions. Herpes is a mean sucker. I have them and I was a virgin and the guy I lost my virginity to gave them to me as well so I feel very qualified for this.

    Herpes can get through no matter what protection you use. Any skin on skin contact will do it. Your mouth on her vagina, unless wrapped in seran wrap, can give her herpes. You fuckin her with a condom on can give her herpes. You could have gotten herpes from any girl you've been with before too. EVEN with a condom. Cause your skin still touches her vag lips unless you just doin it with the tip which I highly doubt.

    Basically my doctor told me unless you wrap yourself entirely with plastic you're still able to get something

    I have the same strain as her. Its not as bad as the 2 strain which is more associated with the gross herpes pics they show you in health class. Good news: I only had an "outbreak" which was actually a pimple the drs thought was an ingrown hair, and never again. 5 years later.

    Bad news: now shes gonna never wanna leave you because it SUCKS telling a guy you got herpes when you get with em. I only had 1 bf since and you pretty much gotta tell em theres always a chance theyre gonna get it. And now shes stuck with it forever. And so are you

    Edit: I only had an outbreak once is what I meant to say
  17. Have you been tested? Because you may have just never shown symptoms. There is a definite possibility she got herpes from him. I went through the exact same thing.
  18. Why are people asking if she was cheating? I mean he said she has hsv 1. Yeah she could have been letting other guys with cold sores go down on her but it sounds like op gave it to her. Im sorry this happened to yall; I know you must feel horrible. :/ I dont know what else to say, but I can understand her not wanting you to contact her anymore. Give her time, because news like that is pretty devastating. I dont think youre solely at fault though, I think it was yours and hers responsibility equally.
    Im guessing she has seen you have an outbreak before right? 
    But yeah all I can say is give her space. I know its hard, but dont beat yourself up over it too much. 
    yup had a swab in my pee hole and eveything (it was a few ex's ago)...not saying there isnt a chance just highly unlikely
  20. If she even ever had doubts about him the first thing shes gonna think is "how will someone ever love me again" herpes sucks cause it makes you feel like you gotta stay with the person you got em from cause shit who else gonna want ya. At least thats how I was and I would think she will be the same once shes done being mad.

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