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Gauranteed To Make You Cream!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Duffey, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. This is some new graffiti I just finished with my new tag (first one) its car2n (pronounced cartoon)

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  2. nice? yes.

    cream? no.

  3. agreeed... I'm not all to there on how that tag was suppose to make me mess my drawrs or otherwise but ill say that it is good and u do have a lot of tallent but sorry sonny jim its gonna take a lil more than that to pop my cork :D
  4. i don't have orgasms over graffiti. wicked tag though.
  5. THAT IS A SOLID FUCKING "A" everytime i try to do an A i fuck up e's too i can only do them in three demisions ill post some stuff up soo so you all dont think im all talk


  6. i talked to him step through step and it is amazing to see what comes out of nothin............nice job duffey.........
  7. Here it is with a character added.

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  8. Somethin i sketched up in summer school, took about 3 hours total working.

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  9. yes, that was today.
  10. sweet man!

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