Gatorade with bong water

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  1. umm will gatorade be good as bong water what happens the flavor or what?
  2. Just try it man, ain't gonna kill you. Everybody uses something other than just water for the bong atleast once lol.

    I've used mountain dew once, years ago, dyed my water colors.... Still smoking
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  3. but does it taste diffrent or thicker smoke
  4. yeah taste different probably not too your liking, and should be harsher, and may cause cancer in the state of california.
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  5. lol ok what do u put to make the hits smooth 
  6. water? Its free in most countries, especially where you can find gatorade. If anything ice will help. Or you could just hit it dry or you could man UP! 
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  7. lol ok then thanks then like to try new things when i smoke
  8. Only way the smoke would be thicker is of you took a bigger hit. As for the taste, dye doesn't change it but I don't remember how mountain dew affected it, was years ago man.
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  9. I've never used anything but water in my bong... I'd think anything else would make it all sticky and gross
  10. That's where cleaning your bong comes in
  11. [quote name="wicked" post="19429151" timestamp="1391013492"]That's where cleaning your bong comes in[/quote]I mean maybe if it was when i was just about to clean it id do it
  12. [quote name="wicked" post="19429151" timestamp="1391013492"]That's where cleaning your bong comes in[/quote]But why would you even do it? It's dumb and not worth the hassle. Just use some damn water.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. Try gasoline. It gives ya a helluva blast when you light it.
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  14. Because it is different and some people want to mix things up once in a while.
  15. you end up with a sticky bong but other than that it should work wellSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. I've used hot water and vodka before both work great . Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. When I was younger I used cola in small bong only changed the taste lol.
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    I'd be cautious recommending that! I've seen several people on this site talking about using hard liquor instead of water, I wouldn't put someone to try using gasoline :laughing:
    Or butane, "yeah man, you can use it as bong water, and get high huffing the fumes at the same time!" :rolleyes:
    Gatorade will probably not be a great substitute for water. You won't lose much THC like you would using something with any alcohol or fat in it (milk, etc.), but it still doesn't sound too great. Seems like it'd taste really funky to me :eek: maybe I'm old-fashioned, but anything besides water in the bong is a no-go for me.
    I'm the incarnation of caution. Some people call me Mr Cautious.
  20. Try Whiskey it's AWESOME!Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum

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