Gathering Gear- What next...comments about gear I am using and gear to be purchased.....

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What series would you get in the titan atlas models that could do the above?

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  1. Atlas for just what you need?

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  2. Atlas for all the bells and whistles?

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  1. (here is where all my gear is going)

    So above will be all the gear I've got thus far and what i am looking for.. Question of today (06-27-17) is CO2 controllers. Ive done some research and found that for paying the extra money it wold be nice to have something that regulated the ppM for me. A digital read out and auto on and off for day/night and set ppM levels.... So

    Hydrofarm system20 (cosyo20) ---
    Any number of titan atlas units
    and brands I had never heard of but were recommended. CGI, CAP and the Sentinel CHHC-4 of the latter three all were kinda expensive.

    So i am thinking Ive had good results and trust titan controls... So what unit. I think that a few are obviously not what i want or need. Like the dual room and the outlet boxes or controller. So questions would be like... should i get one that does just what i need or go above and beyond and grab the one that id learn to use and love for the money?. I just need something to hook up to the regulator that reads the amount of co2 in the air and adjust the amount automatically. It should have a sensor so i don't waste night time co2 and it would be a good question to ask here about if i should and how to turn of inline fans so the co2 is not just sucked out as soon as it goes in. I have a 5 gallon tank and plan on purchasing the cheapest reg i can find that has the features needed. (suggestions would be great as well) found one for 89...hydrofarm...

    So side note, been on this channel for a little minute and been watching for a long minute. How do i personalize this so it has my grow info and past posts. Someone suggested it to me and now I have time to figure it out... thx

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