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  1. Recently for like the past month my little brother would hang around the garage for extended periods of time which was kinda weird and then one day i found him passed out cold on the garage floor and he had no weird smell on him which was weird as fuck and then i went on erowid and realized gasoline can get you high and shit cept i checked the garage and i didnt c any gasoline canisters so what im wondering is can little kids get high off of sniffing gasoline through the hole where you put the gas pump in? If so i think im a have to turn my little brother to smoking some weed cause im afraid he can die and shit
  2. Yes.

    You inhale gasoline to get high and you can do it through the hole to the gas tank on the car. I've done it and hallucinated like shit. I didn't pass out though.

    Its easy to pass out on inhalants like that. Gasoline is also dangerous, though. So yeah.

    Fun first time, but I wouldn't do it again.
  3. I've seen it on Steve Wilkos
    its pretty intense
  4. Help your bro out before it's too late.
  5. Slap some sense into your brother before he huffs himself stupid(er). Inhalants are bad, bad news.
  6. Well, just make sure he knows it can hurt him, lol.

    And also turn him on to some other substances to keep him occupied. :p
  7. cool guys thanks im a try and stop him when he comes back from school im a just take him out for dinner later give him a talk about drugs whats safe whats not and share a blunt with him :)
  8. How old is your bother?
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    btw i know this might be dumb but i might try and inhale some gasoline cuz almost all hallucinogens have nvr worked on me :( ive tried acid and shrooms and for some reason even when i took 5 tabs on my first time nothing works i want to c if this shit could actually do something i doubt it tho lol only thing that i ever hallucinated on was dmt that shit was intense
  10. my bros currently 13 turning 14 in a few months tho
  11. Do you take antipsychotics or antidepressants? Was your acid real? How do you know? These are questions to ask yourself. Don't huff gasoline :)

  12. Yeah that question is an easy one to answer:
  13. i take antidepressants and the acid was real lol everyone else was like fking messed up that nite
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    Everything effects different people in different ways.

    Most reports I've read on inhalants pretty much say that hallucinating is a good possibility.

    I hallucinated, but who knows about you. I was also huffing a bunch of other stuff and on k-pins and amis.

    Just be careful. Don't be around dangerous stuff you could bust your head on. When using inhalants, always be aware of your surroundings and try to make them soft, lol. Also, don't expect more than 5-10 minutes of fun. Inhalants = not worth it at all. I really don't even suggest doing it, but if you do, I'm just sharing what you should know.

    I've never smoked with it though, maybe that would intensify it.
  15. i used to huff gas when i was younger. scare him with some facts like it will severely damage his brain, give him cancer, damage his organs, he could even die on the spot.
  16. Also, that ghostly demons will rain down on him with the vengeance of the gods.

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    Maybe if he was messing around with cocaine or something it wouldn't be an immediate major issue. Inhalants, not to mention GASOLINE, aren't meant for humans aside from getting their car to go vroomvroom. Look up some info on inhalants and let him know that you're really concerned about him. That shit can leave a person with premenant brain damage easily. Get him some buds if you need to. Anything but fucking inhalants.

    In the end I guess everyone will do what they want to do, but that stuff's too serious to not get involved.
  18. im a only do it once i dont want fucking brain damage lol good thing is i have a fucking huge unused mattress in my garage i could fall on that if i needed to its weird that i want to try this cept i nvr get fucked up from psychedlics so i want to c if this one does or not
  19. Well don't mess around with it much. Read up on Erowid, including experiences.

    Don't expect to "fall on the mattress" either, lol. Huff then stay on the mattress. Some people have said they have full visuals and they didn't even realize they where they were anymore.

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